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Sex Male
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Plymouth-born. Perpetually stoned 'highly functioning' sociopath. Writer, Musician, Lover..... Dreamer. Still want to be the hero of my childhood dreams and save the world.

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  • SSSsssssssoccer.
  • King of the hill
  • KITTY!!!!
  • I'm not a moron, I swear.
  • No that's just the TV, that's not a real bear....
  • Clever girl....
  • Wait for it...
  • cocaine's a hell of a drug
  • Treadmills are evil...
  • The majestic and graceful Manta Ray
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pezzleysnipes +1 karma last month
*Points to the door* Get out....! Your puns made me chuckle far more than they should have!
pezzleysnipes +1 karma March 2014
Out of that list I only really like Torchwood,and as you mentioned Two Pint Of Lager did drag on; it didnt need to go on after Johnny died. The rest of those programs I though were just aweful, none more than that Lee Nelson shit. I think Russell Howard has stopped being funny because of his show. And I agree Family Guy and American Dad are the only things worth watching on the channel and you can watch them on Fox, although it does mean you can switch between channels depending on what episode is on.
pezzleysnipes 0 karma February 2014
Ahhhh, that would explain my not knowing. Never seen the Narnia films.
pezzleysnipes 0 karma February 2014
Who's the first guy? He's the only one i dont recognise.
pezzleysnipes 0 karma February 2014
Prepare to see some really sick shit. *Thinks extra hard so the mental images are in high definition*
pezzleysnipes +5 karma February 2014
Found that out the hard way. She had been my friend for over a year, and i trusted her. Never again.
pezzleysnipes 0 karma February 2014
This right here.... my eternal struggle.
pezzleysnipes 0 karma February 2014
Yes, i said it earlier to my dad..... freaky..... Get out my head tickld!!!!
pezzleysnipes +1 karma February 2014
I still remember the tune. "Duuun dun duuun dununuuuun." Holy shit the Dragonzord just appeared..... Kidding, its still in my old toybox in the attic. :(
pezzleysnipes +1 karma February 2014
I love everything about this post.
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