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purecomedy +1 karma June 2013
This reminded of when I was in Starbucks a few days back. The (attractive) Starbucks employee was going around the store giving samples of some food. She asked me, "would you like to try a sausage sandwich?" Feeling fiesty, I said, "would you like to try my sausage sandwich?" Soon enough, I walked out of the store with a... large, male security guard.
purecomedy +1 karma April 2013
fucking great.
purecomedy 0 karma April 2013
Hence the M-I-L-F. Let's assume they're not biological.
purecomedy 0 karma April 2013

This comment has been deleted.

purecomedy 0 karma April 2013
A MILF and a daddy who aint got no time for mommy.
purecomedy +2 karma March 2013
Holy shit...you can see her nips.
purecomedy -2 karma March 2013
American Pie Bandcamp, anyone?
purecomedy 0 karma March 2013
Put your finger in between your lips. Bam.
purecomedy +1 karma March 2013
You have other shit. Starbucks is an example.
purecomedy +1 karma March 2013
Robert Pattinson, is that you?
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