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Sex Male
Age 22
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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I'm the best at what I do and what I do is the best.

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Recent Activity

redbarrage +5 karma 3 days ago
As long as there's an attractive nurse who gives me sponge baths every day I'm game.
redbarrage +2 karma 6 days ago
Maybe my comic ways would have been more obvious if I hadn't spent my childhood turning lights on and off. Dammit mother, why did you curse me so?
redbarrage +1 karma 6 days ago
The doctor dies but doesn't and then saves the universe from having every single second being destroyed at the same time again and then his companion gives him moral support.
redbarrage 0 karma 6 days ago
Yes, particularly when the reply is the most obvious comment image and nothing else.
redbarrage +1 karma 6 days ago
redbarrage +5 karma 6 days ago
Presumably a light switch, when the kid is naughty you make him stand in the other room turning the light on and off for five hours.
redbarrage 0 karma 6 days ago
Not in the slightest
redbarrage 0 karma 6 days ago
Not at all
redbarrage -4 karma 6 days ago
A novelty twitter account that never posts an original thought? Now we're fucking talking.
redbarrage 0 karma 2 weeks ago
I give it a jolly 6. It would be higher but people ruined it by explaining the fun away.
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Thunderbolt37 [m] +1 karma3 weeks ago
Thanks for the karma!
redbarrage +1 karma3 weeks ago
No problem, the whole introvert/extrovert thing that people are obsessed with these days gets on my nerves, you pretty much wrote what I was thinking.
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast month
Just change your avatar all willy nilly, why don't you
redbarrage +1 karmalast month
I play by my own rules, I'm a rebel like that.
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast monthShut Up Baby I Know It
redbarrage +1 karmalast monthEyebrows Zoom
ArcticMonks [m] +1 karmaJuly 2014Bro Hug
Thanks for the karma!
redbarrage +1 karmaJuly 2014
No problem friend, the whole conversation amused me.
UnnecessaryCheese +1 karmaJune 2014
idk if you are aware...
redbarrage +1 karmaJuly 2014
Well this is just beautiful. I need to acquire one and name it minibarrage or something.
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Alright alright, I know you said buff red gyrados, but I thought this was fucking awesome - - let me know otherwise
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
It's beautiful, I love it.
AddedDoes it look good on me?
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Oh yes, I love it. Thanks xoxoxo
am_i_doing_this_rite +1 karmaJune 2014
Nice avatar, but I feel like his crotch needs more of a bulge.
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
It's actually hanging down between his legs dragging on the floor, I kept that hidden to protect the delicate children of Pic.
am_i_doing_this_rite +1 karmaJune 2014
imho it should be erect. Stand tall and proud, just like yourself.
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Dat new avuterd though, can I make you a new custom space aviterd?
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
I can be part of the avtah club? I want to be part of the avery club
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
It'z no club, I'm jus makeng evry1 kool. You have my skype, send me pix of what you want on it.
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
I can be kool! As long as super buff making gains gyarados is on it I'll be happy, surprise me.
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Ugh. Fine.
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014Sorry (Cone of shame)
Yay! Also I have no clue how to actually use skype, don't hate me
thienv [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
redbarrage 0 karmaJune 2014
I knew this day would come, I'll go drown myself now.
redbarrage 0 karmaJune 2014
Leave a comment for redbarrage.
Icker +1 karmaJune 2014Thumb Up (Sylvester)
Thanks for the karma!
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
My pleasure, you raised a good point about Potter fans worshipping Rowling as some kind of literary-God when she's actually very average.
roostangarar +1 karmaJune 2014
Cheers for the karma kupo, and nice avatar :D
redbarrage +1 karmaJune 2014
No problem, I was thinking the same thing about Bungie and their love of 7 when I read that post.
thienv [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
I think I like your new avatar.
redbarrage +1 karmaMay 2014
Why thank you, I was just strolling a long earlier today thinking "what would a red barrage actually look like" and it came to me, red gyarados of course! Also, I'm glad you've went back to Mr. Krabs, it suits you.
thienv [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
I think it's pretty fitting. And yeah, I've been meaning to go back to Krabs for some time, I always do end up missing this guy.
redbarrage +1 karmaMay 2014
He does have a beautiful smile, it makes me feel feelings every time I see it.
thienv [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
redbarrage +1 karmaMay 2014
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
Cheers mate, aes sedai or ashaman? Which is better?
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Ashaman, they're okay with blowing your enemies into a billion pieces, what's not to love?
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
But now they've realised they're not just weapons they don't always like doing that. What element would you want to be strong in?
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Haha, does it even need asking? Fire all the way. What's your favourite weave? I'd quite like to use balefire, I always liked the way it was described in the books.
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
Haha true fire is damn amazing but I love the air weaves, apart from balefire its the most incredible and can affect weather. Mine would have to be the storm weave Rand created in the Stone. Favourite race of people?
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Air does have some amazing uses, got to love throwing people around I suppose. Got to be the Aiel definitely, I am quite partial to the Sea Folk too but they weren't really explored enough to top the Aiel. Have you finished the series? Don't want to be giving out spoilers or anything.
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
Haha hell yeah, plus the bridge thing where it looks like you're walking on nothing. The Aiel are very badass I'll admit. I like the Andorans specifically the Two Rivers, they seem like normal people just hard as nails. Yeah finished it a week after memory of light was released! Such a good series, have you finished them?
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Nobody can shoot a bow quite like a Two Rivers man that's for sure. I love how they all just forced Perrin into being a lord too. Yeah I finished it around this time last year I think, told myself I'd read it slowly so I'd have something to do, think I finished in 3 days or something. It was pretty nonstop wasn't it? Most of the book was just a battle, brilliant.
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
Definitely, especially with the one who killed an Asahman using it! That was amazing! Favourite of the three's weapons? I said the same about it not wanting to start before my exams. It was great non-stop, Mat's best work. Have you re-read the series since its finished?
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Probably the Aiel's weapons are my favourite, across the whole series though it has to be Mat's ashandarei, he's a killer with that thing. I've not re-read it no, I don't get the same enjoyment out of books on the second go through for some reason. I'd love to do it though, I think I started the series when I was 15 or something so I'm sure there's stuff I'd have forgotten or missed. How bout you?
topless_warrior +1 karmaApril 2014
I love his ashandarei! Its the same with me although Callandor was pretty cool especially the twist at the end. Give it a try mate, you know what's building up but the second time around the details go into greater depth. I've re-read them 4 times now last one finished a couple months ago, the detail its built up is insane! Its like I am the character now haha.
redbarrage +1 karmaApril 2014
Yeah the way he used it at the end was pretty awesome. What did you think of what happened to Rand at the end? You've re-read them from the beginning 4 times? Damn, that's a heck of a lot of reading. I think I could re-do the first few and the last couple but there's one or two in the middle where very little seems to happen, that would put me off going through again.
topless_warrior 0 karmaApril 2014
I thought something would happen but it was pretty epic when it did! I think the pattern does owe him a fair bit though. Yeah I'm a fast reader took me 5 months the last time with work and all. Yeah they slow down but when you re-read them you can build the detail and they reveal some awesome stuff for the last ones, like how they link in between the books is phenomenal! Did you nearly cry when some of them died?
Canis765 +1 karmaMarch 2014
Yeah, repost. The cunts. Nobody cares, as long as the vote page isn't spammed by something.
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
But Henry, Vote is spammed, it's spammed by terrible posts constantly.
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
Also, why have you suddenly been stalking my tickld profile? You filthy sex-pest you, you miss me and my brilliant drunk-banter don't you? I knew it.
Canis765 +1 karmaMarch 2014
Very many bad badddddd post (some of which admittedly created by me). Meh, I have internet now and your various Ticld comments and banter amuses me. And filthy sex-pest? Yes. I do miss your set fire to Pia once, there is no real topping that!!
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
Oh my, I'd completely forgotten about that. In my defence I didn't actually set fire to her, I merely threw a lit match at her. Completely different.
Canis765 0 karmaMarch 2014
..That set fire to her hair...all be is only briefly...mores the pity.
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
I'd find it ironic if Pia avoided eating cooked meat her entire life and then ended up dying in a fire and becoming...cooked meat.
Canis765 0 karmaMarch 2014
Hahah, beautiful irony.....then finished with a light sprinkling of gluten
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
Throw bread at her. Loaves away!
Canis765 0 karmaMarch 2014
Get that bitch some loaves....bitches love loaves.
Canis765 0 karmaMarch 2014
Canis765 +1 karmaMarch 2014
True, very true Mr Robinson. But seriously though, if they are going to give you an appeal button the least they can do is actually respond...been 3 weeks since one of mine was reported and heard nothing back....cunts
redbarrage 0 karmaMarch 2014
What was it reported for like? Repost? Nobody gives a shit about that as far as I can tell, sucks balls.
Thor_Odinson +1 karmaFebruary 2014
Thanks for the karma
redbarrage 0 karmaFebruary 2014
No problem, couldn't help laughing at that Lollys comment. She really did not enjoy her first time.
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