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rkid3 +8 karma April 2013
If you look at a normal picture of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, they look like a lesbian couple.
rkid3 +3 karma April 2013
English muffins are awesome, with tons of butter and bacon.
rkid3 +3 karma April 2013
Except for Twilight. That was way too close to the books.
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
Yo the Witch-king was actually killed by Merry, at least he broke his invincibility type shit with the sword Tom Bombadil gave him.
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
rkid3 +2 karma April 2013
Am I the only one sitting here laughing that there is somebody in the world with parents cruel enough to name them Caspian Paddock?
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
Quartermaster Sergeant as well, so he was a supplies guy. Most probably a career soldier. My great grandfather was in the artillery too, and he said it was a blessing because you were generally slightly behind the main line.
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
What's so funny about "H.J." in particular? I thought that's what made up the coincidence as those are the exact right initials.
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
Or Easter Keg hunt if you live near the Deschutes Brewery in Oregon.
rkid3 0 karma April 2013
Bingo. Easter egg hunt.
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