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rwolf +2 karma 2 days ago
Drop her. C'thulu needs his sacrifice. Don't doom the entire planet because you wanna get laid.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
Lunar Wolf ^2?? I don't get it.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
Sounds tasty....
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
My advice was "swallow." Guess it's too late for that.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
I can't get around the fact that it says "Hired a helicopter." Did she get a pilot to fly the damn thing? Last time I checked, aircraft don't fly around on their own helping people learn basic life lessons and finding lost dogs like we lived in some episode of Jay-Jay the fucking Jetplane.
AddedJust realized that I may have gotten a little over-passionate about this. I don't feel bad.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
Downvote Viking and his ebola hammer can be a bitch sometimes.
rwolf +5 karma 2 days ago
The chuckle fit I just had was unreasonably hard to quell.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
What if the opposite is true? What if the universe reverses it's expansion and collapses into an infinitely small spec? Which would be worse? I think the collapsing thing would be much more exciting to witness. And terrifying.
rwolf 0 karma 2 days ago
The question is: Can I get some of what that man was smoking? Also, I'd like a tiny-handheld chicken. That'd be way cool.
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rwolf -1 karmaDecember 2013
Rather, the point is this: what Tickld is, is not what Tickld was because what Tickld now is, is what 9gag and the other sites represented have been and that which they have been is what we early Ticklrs had hoped to never be.
Danl66712 +1 karmaDecember 2013
Cheers for the Karma dude!
rwolf -2 karmaDecember 2013
Of course!
rwolf -8 karmaDecember 2013
Dear Tickld Gods,Please make a separate category for text-only submissions (ie tumblr and the new iphone notes screen-shots) so that those Ticklrs (like myself) who don't want to read for hours, can scroll through and get our laughs in a belt-fed manner. You know, like it used to be.I miss the old Tickld. I miss the time when there wasn't 10 new, New Pages every 15 minutes and I didn't have to wade through these "FML"-esque made-up stories/dad jokes.
Normal_person [m] 0 karmalast month
how do you feel now?
rwolf 0 karmalast month
Ah! That was a year ago. But yes, the new set-up is everything, if not more, than I had in mind lol
rwolf -1 karmaNovember 2013
This comment has been deleted.

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