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ryanrealm +3 karma February 2013
Dizasta Music (Pink Guy) originally made this in one of his videos just for fun, and then he reuploaded it as a joke not expecting any more views. At 5 million he posted a video of him saying, "INTERNET. WHAT THE F*CK HAVE YOU DONE" So while I agree with you it has gone too far, the original doesn't deserve any hate.
ryanrealm +1 karma January 2013
ryanrealm +14 karma January 2013
Trick Question: You are asking this to the tickld community.
ryanrealm +10 karma December 2012
But future outcomes are not affected by previous outcomes.
ryanrealm 0 karma December 2012
Monstercat Media!!!!
And then Tomska & friends
ryanrealm +10 karma December 2012
-Sincerely, Grumpy Cat
ryanrealm 0 karma December 2012
Against, because though there will still be some violence and murders, it is a lot harder to kill 20 people at once with a knife than it is with a gun. Guns make it so much easier to mass murder, and they're just not worth it. It would be a major improvement just to ban assault rifles and illegalize large capacity magazines. This would prevent large scale shootings.
ryanrealm 0 karma December 2012
A hummingbird that could send messages would be pretty sweet, considering most of the really cool ones are already taken.
ryanrealm +2 karma December 2012
The first creature to set foot on land
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