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superduck1 0 karma July 2013
But lesbian is specific to gay women, so they aren't synonymous.
superduck1 0 karma July 2013
Well done, you can read. *claps*
superduck1 0 karma July 2013
I dream of a tickld where random posts of girls don't go straight to the hot page.
superduck1 +2 karma July 2013
I didn't, but I cry for ten minutes straight whenever I watch Eponine dying.
superduck1 +1 karma June 2013
Thank God I wasn't the only one who thought this.
superduck1 +1 karma June 2013
Wack them on the head with a frozen piece of meat.
superduck1 0 karma June 2013
Yep. And?
superduck1 +2 karma June 2013
Gay son with straight sister, reporting for duty *salutes*
superduck1 +4 karma June 2013
Why is it a travesty?
superduck1 +6 karma June 2013
She bends both ways.
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