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tcoop888 0 karma May 2014
aria... i might have some unresolved issues
tcoop888 +1 karma April 2014
why not just both?
tcoop888 +6 karma April 2014
i prefer to think of it as a sharp
tcoop888 -4 karma April 2014
they were both ok, the thing that made me like frozen better though was the fact that tangled's villain was lousy. the villain makes the movie and i thought Hans (and Elsa sort of) were much more interesting and well designed.
tcoop888 0 karma April 2014
i love the banter between the two of them, gonna be a good season
tcoop888 +6 karma April 2014
arya's always been my favorite character, my biggest concern was that the tv show wouldn't do her character justice. i am happy to say i was completely wrong.
tcoop888 +4 karma April 2014
still better then mass effect 3
tcoop888 +6 karma February 2014
marshmallow, pabbie, bulda, oaken, kai and gerda
tcoop888 0 karma February 2014
3 of the 4 have ether wives or girlfriends
tcoop888 +2 karma February 2014
that's why i like this movie, the hero's slightly villainous and the villains slightly heroic.
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