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ABOUT ME w00t w00t! I'm a college student and I work at the math learning center at said college. I like it there. And I like it here, too. It's nice here :)
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thisisatree 0 karma December 2014
I get most of my music from youtube, and not too many are digitally mastered on there, so it really does work
thisisatree +3 karma October 2014
and 100% reason to chuck it in the lake
thisisatree +1 karma November 2013
You must be outrageously fun at parties.
thisisatree 0 karma November 2013
I uploaded on Halloween, I can't help that it finally showed up in November.
thisisatree 0 karma October 2013
I feel your pain, man :/
thisisatree 0 karma October 2013
NOOPE! I guess I'm not going to be swimming anywhere soon, not with these devils in there >.>
thisisatree 0 karma August 2013
Bethel as in Redding, California Bethel Church? D: Those people are crazy!
thisisatree 0 karma August 2013
Oooh! I have that same type of mechanical pencil! :D
thisisatree 0 karma August 2013
I had an inkling that it might be Florida, but I thought they were the citrus state or something like that. Then I thought that maybe the sunshine state was California, or maybe Arizona, and I just gave up and went to Google :p So much easier than trusting my own thoughts :D
thisisatree +1 karma August 2013
Is it sad that I had to google where the sunshine state was? Just curious as to where other ticklrs live :p
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