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ABOUT ME I don't like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead...Why the **** am I here?
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tomolfc95 0 karma last month
I've seen a porn parody of the Eric Garner "we can't breathe" protest. I don't think you can top that
tomolfc95 0 karma November 2014

This comment has been deleted.

tomolfc95 0 karma November 2014
Surely toilet paper is a communal item?
tomolfc95 0 karma November 2014
The line "you talkin to me" is synonymous with Robert DeNiro not Joe Pesci. You should have him say "what do you mean I'm funny, how the fuck am I funny".
tomolfc95 +1 karma August 2014
Did I miss the part where you explain why what you did was justified? Or in your mind was giving you a topic you didn't like and failing you when you answered it wrong a perfectly just reason to do such a horrible vindictive thing?
tomolfc95 0 karma August 2014
I hate these kind of people, they are usually ridiculously nostalgic, everything new is shit and everything they saw when they were 10 or below was fucking gold.
tomolfc95 +2 karma July 2014
This is brand new information to me. It's not like I've watched Roger fucking Haley seven or eight times or anything, what do you think I am some kind of sick pervert.
tomolfc95 +2 karma July 2014
No it isn't, if I say my children are worth fighting for it isn't because I view them as objects it is because I love them and are willing to put myself in danger for them. The point of fairy-tales is to show how far someone is willing to risk their life to someone they love. Now you may argue that the frequency of women being the ones saved portrays them as weak but that object shite is just a complete fallacy and quite frankly I'm sick of hearing it.
tomolfc95 0 karma July 2014
Can someone explain the Henry Ford one, I've been staring at it for 5 minutes and I don't understand it. It's probably really obvious but I'm having a massive brain fart.
tomolfc95 +1 karma July 2014
Even it wasn't gender related which I believe it was it was still obscenely bad service. My friend who works as a bar steward and was with me that night viewed it the same way and he would definitely have scolded me if I was being impatient, not only because his understanding of the job and the sympathies he holds for others who work in a bar but also because he's brutally honest and would have told me if I was in the wrong. The fact is the guy was just awful at his job and wasted half an hour of my life.
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TheShaneTrain93 0 karmaApril 2014
Cheers for the karma man!
tomolfc95 +1 karmaApril 2014
If you make me audibly laugh you get karma. Well done sir!
SarahxOxRawr [m] +2 karmaJuly 2013
Thank you for your karma, ser -- I mean that.
tickldbot -5 karmaMay 2013
Your post entitled "Emma Watson's New Film" was removed after being reported by a member of the Tickld community because it was: repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
tomolfc95 +3 karmaMay 2013
No it wasn't, prove it.
epikous -2 karmaApril 2013
don't worry so much i didn't down vote you. leave your posts for a little longer and they may get more likes. it looks like someone already copied your post
tomolfc95 0 karmaApril 2013
This comment has been deleted.

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