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trickster873 +5 karma February 2013
Eccleston was more "dark" than emo and Tennant had some pretty serious scenes towards the end, but Smith is just madly peppy! (Not counting the end of the ponds :'( a tear shed for awesomeness.)
trickster873 0 karma February 2013
#JointPosting? I think you can post Tweets to Facebook, not sure though. #Unsure #JustHadBreakfast #NoMakeUpSoGiveMeAFuckingMedal
trickster873 +1 karma February 2013
It's My Life by Vennu Mallesh springs to mind but there have been many, many bad ones. (The song if you want to judge yourself)
trickster873 +7 karma February 2013
The irony when you used a gif of David James, professional footballer, to add to your argument that "soccer" is super boring. On an extra not, I'd say the fact "soccer" has less goals is actually a plus, it makes goals more of an event when they happen.
trickster873 +1 karma February 2013
Nuggetty physique?
trickster873 +4 karma February 2013
You get lotion and tissues for free?!
trickster873 0 karma February 2013
Should've had Marian's face over the woman's...
trickster873 +3 karma February 2013
I heartily endorse the holocaust.
trickster873 0 karma January 2013
trickster873 0 karma January 2013
No, you simply stay as you are. If you don't LAND the jump, it suggest you'll die, but not if you stay as you are.
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