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tudordewolf 0 karma June 2013
Not to ruin the amusement, but I worked in a grocery store where one of the fridge doors led to a big walk-in fridge; you'd roll the cart of milks back, and go there - so you could easily restock the rest of them from behind. This is probably why that sign is there.
tudordewolf 0 karma June 2013
Bacon in the ham wallet? I expected sausage.
tudordewolf +1 karma May 2013
I feel like the background almost tells a story. "We'll give you a 30 second head start, ok?" 1...2... RELEASE THE DOG
tudordewolf +4 karma May 2013
she-iron man doesn't need tits. Tony stark's armor fit pepper potts fine. I'm all for sexiness, but lets not be ridiculous about it.
tudordewolf +1 karma May 2013
well, now I'm interested in doing coke. Thanks internet.
tudordewolf -3 karma May 2013
I... is this innuendo? because that makes it twice as funny.
tudordewolf 0 karma May 2013
that last one? Wayyyy more than 3 a year. Try daily. In fact, how many men do you shake hands with daily? there's your answer.
tudordewolf +2 karma April 2013
best comment on the shake/shake/shake: "More than 3 seconds and its playing with yourself!"
tudordewolf 0 karma April 2013
ookie cookie =D
tudordewolf +24 karma April 2013
man, every time the president does anything not completely professional and job-oriented, assholes like you decide he should be working harder
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