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xMindl3ss_Sou1x 0 karma 4 weeks ago
I've thrown my controller at the tv and broke both.
xMindl3ss_Sou1x +5 karma 4 weeks ago
I condemn police brutality so much, and I plan to be going into the police field. So yeah, I agree 100%
xMindl3ss_Sou1x +2 karma last month
Well played sir, well played.
xMindl3ss_Sou1x -1 karma December 2014

This comment has been deleted.

xMindl3ss_Sou1x 0 karma November 2014
That is one awesome grandma
xMindl3ss_Sou1x +2 karma October 2014

This comment has been deleted.

xMindl3ss_Sou1x 0 karma July 2014
Did this remind anyone else of the dead space 3 ending?
xMindl3ss_Sou1x 0 karma May 2014
Techincally Fox owns X-men now, and there weren't after credits anyway
xMindl3ss_Sou1x 0 karma May 2014
Ok, I can respect your opinion. I had issues with the scene, but I recently just watched Spider-man 3 again and couldn't help but die of laughter at how silly he looked.
xMindl3ss_Sou1x +6 karma May 2014
tbh wouldve been a hilarious wasted gif
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