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xtmaster 0 karma 2 weeks ago
"She drags him away from dinner and then they have tentacle sex"
xtmaster +1 karma 4 weeks ago
I agree, it was awesome! Antonio Banderas made it for me i think, so funny!
xtmaster +3 karma last month
Completely not true, nearly all domestic cats will hunt, sometimes for food, other times just because its their instincts to do so. They even hunt to bring gifts of their pray to their owners.
xtmaster 0 karma May 2014
This is not really the same point, this would perhaps explain why he is a hero like others. But he said he is not super, basically you have two soldiers (both heroes) one has a sniper the other doesn't.. they are not both snipers seeing as one lacks the tools, in batman's case he lacks super powers.
xtmaster 0 karma October 2013
They adapted the definition of literally, to encompass its use as emphasis, seeing as how commonly it was misused.
xtmaster +1 karma July 2013
That just means you have bad natural instincts.
xtmaster 0 karma July 2013
Okay pictures are awesome... but bulbasaur, charizard, blastoise... The lack of continuity, it hurts
xtmaster +4 karma June 2013
Am i the only one who scoured the bushes looking for something with out considering it could be the actual sign!
xtmaster +4 karma June 2013
Thats the wrong part of film for the quote...in fact its the wrong film!
xtmaster -6 karma June 2013
The title is kinda distasteful
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