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xtmaster 0 karma 2 days ago
Yeah they have some crazy thing where they can kind of glide like a flying squirrel. Its something like if they are dropped from 7 stories or higher they will survive but any lower and they don't have time to do it.
xtmaster 0 karma 2 weeks ago
Did he say it was his theory?... Im pretty sure this is part of the actual reason he wasn't in the movie, however why he isn't in the story is left to people imaginations.
xtmaster +1 karma 2 weeks ago
Both can be true, this would mean woody was his dads and jessie his mums. Both toys ended up together even though for whatever reason the parents did not.
xtmaster +15 karma 3 weeks ago
Putting it out there, but I'm pretty sure these are the glasses that come with the spy kids 3D dvd.
xtmaster +2 karma 3 weeks ago
Waiting for this post to followed by a huge chain of all the numerous memes with british actors in...
xtmaster +15 karma 4 weeks ago
Even if it didn't have lard surely as a vegan they would know that mayo is made from eggs?
xtmaster 0 karma last month
"She drags him away from dinner and then they have tentacle sex"
xtmaster +1 karma last month
I agree, it was awesome! Antonio Banderas made it for me i think, so funny!
xtmaster +3 karma July 2014
Completely not true, nearly all domestic cats will hunt, sometimes for food, other times just because its their instincts to do so. They even hunt to bring gifts of their pray to their owners.
xtmaster 0 karma May 2014
This is not really the same point, this would perhaps explain why he is a hero like others. But he said he is not super, basically you have two soldiers (both heroes) one has a sniper the other doesn't.. they are not both snipers seeing as one lacks the tools, in batman's case he lacks super powers.
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