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Sex Male
Age 16
Location Australia
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • 5:00 Solve world hunger--tell no one.
  • Sh*t happens
  • Let's get jiggy wit it!
  • Conspiracy theory logic
  • I need to get a new partner
  • See you upvoters in hell.
  • It's people like this guy that make me enjoy this site so much.
  • Don't take this too seriously
  • i heard he moved to argentina for this exact reason
  • Evolution of prank
  • One of my dad's favourites
  • My mom must be a slut!

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yildhvi +1 karma 19 hours ago
The picture is originally from Queensland Rail, which is a train company based in AUSTRALIA. And no, that is not the original caption, but I can't look at a single 'Train etiquette' picture without remembering the humorous versions of them from the Internet.
yildhvi 0 karma 19 hours ago
The other meaning was 'boatload' for a lot of stuff
yildhvi 0 karma Yesterday
A pun is a play on words. Common examples of puns are double-meanings.
yildhvi 0 karma 3 days ago
Well Athiestopher Columbus didn't help destroy a culture, so I don't think the Christians do hey this point.
yildhvi +1 karma 4 days ago
When I play Mario kart, I end up so far in front at first place for the whole race that even a blue shell can't slow me down enough for me to get second. It happens when you play more than is healthy...
yildhvi 0 karma 6 days ago
That's what makes it a pun
yildhvi +2 karma 2 weeks ago
yildhvi +5 karma 2 weeks ago
Someone knows how to steal someone else's meme after finally getting the joke...
yildhvi +5 karma 2 weeks ago
It's [that kid's] life, it's now or never. He ain't gonna live forever. (Not now anyway)
yildhvi +2 karma 2 weeks ago
The clocks wouldn't change until it was too late to avoid. For example, if the engine was about to explode, it wouldn't give everyone an hour's notice, or people could escape. Maybe about ten minutes before, when the plane is in mid flight. By the time people checked, realised and took action, they'd be dead.
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Apoplectic -1 karmaFebruary 2014You're Awesome
Thanks for the karma man!
yildhvi -1 karmaFebruary 2014
No problem. I'm just finding it amusing how well you are bagging out Charlatan, and considering the mood I was in a few hours ago any sort of worthwhile humour is appreciated. Thank YOU.
Apoplectic -1 karmaFebruary 2014
It's about to get better, I just called him a yeasty cunt. I expect full rage mode in 3 minutes.
yildhvi -1 karmaFebruary 2014
I'd gift you more karma but I've reached my limit :(. I have also reached max downvotes for Charlatan.
Apoplectic -1 karmaFebruary 2014
Don't worry about it man. Char is always on the abrasive side.
yildhvi -1 karmaFebruary 2014
Anyway, it's not really about the karma, it's about sending a message XD

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