Tickld - Username Policy

Username Policy Last Updated: 21 December 2013

1- Introduction

This policy describes what kinds of usernames are acceptable on Tickld, and how unacceptable or doubtful usernames can be dealt with. It also specifies that a user account should be used only by one person, and that in most cases one person should use only one account.

You choose your username when creating a user account. All contributions made using that account will then be attributed to the chosen username.

Tickld reserves the right to require that a username be changed, to delete a user's account or to block a user from accessing the Site where a username is in breach of this policy (see 'Dealing With Inappropriate Usernames' below).

Tickld may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 21 December 2013.

2- Guidance For New Users

Your username is a nickname that will identify your account and thereby all of your contributions to Tickld. It can be your real name, if you so choose, but you should be aware of the risks involved in posting under your real name. Your username appears on your posts and on discussion pages.

You specify your username when creating an account, and subsequently use it (together with your secret password) to log in to that account. The site will not allow you to register with a username that is already in use.

Your username can be virtually any string of alphanumeric Latin characters; however, it should be a name which other users will be comfortable with. A controversial name may give a bad impression to other users, and avoiding this is in your own interest. This page describes certain types of usernames that are specifically disallowed, primarily because they can be considered offensive, misleading, or promotional, or imply that the account does not belong to an individual.

3- Inappropriate Usernames

This section lists the types of usernames that are considered inappropriate.

These lists are not necessarily exhaustive. Use common sense in applying these rules (for example, a word that may seem offensive in one context may have another, more benign meaning in another context). For guidance on how to deal with inappropriate names if encountered, see 'Dealing With Inappropriate Usernames' below.

3.1 Misleading Usernames

The following types of username are not permitted because they may be misleading:

  1. Usernames that impersonate other people.
  2. Usernames that give the impression that the account has permissions which it does not have, for example by containing the terms 'administrator', 'checkuser', 'oversight', or similar terms like 'admin', 'sysop' or 'moderator'.
  3. Usernames which could be easily misunderstood to refer to a 'bot' (which is used to identify bot accounts) or a 'script' (which alludes to automated editing processes).
  4. Usernames that include the word '€œtickld'€ if they give the incorrect impression that the account may be officially affiliated with Tickld.
  5. Usernames which contain numbers only.

3.2 Offensive or Disruptive Usernames

The following types of usernames are not permitted because they are offensive or disruptive:

  1. Usernames that are likely to offend other contributors, making harmonious interaction difficult or impossible, for example by containing profanities.
  2. Usernames that contain or imply personal attacks.
  3. Usernames that seem intended to provoke emotional reaction ('trolling').
  4. Usernames that otherwise show a clear intent to disrupt Tickld.

Note that usernames that are inappropriate in another language, or that represent an inappropriate name with misspellings and substitutions, or do so indirectly or by implication, are still considered inappropriate.

3.3 Promotional Names

The following types of usernames are not permitted because they are considered promotional:

  1. Usernames that unambiguously consist of a name of a company, group, institution or product (e.g. CompanyABC). However usernames that contain such names are sometimes permissible; see under 'Usernames Implying Shared Use' below.
  2. Email addresses and URLs (such as 'me@example.com' and 'example.com'). While plain domain names (without domain extensions) are sometimes acceptable, such as when the purpose is simply to identify the user as a person, they are inappropriate if they promote a commercial Web page.

A user who both adopts a promotional username and also engages in inappropriately promotional behaviours in articles about the company, group, or product, can be blocked.

3.4 Usernames Implying Shared Use

Because Tickld's policy is that usernames should not be shared between more than one individual, usernames that imply the likelihood of shared use are not permitted. This means that:

  1. Usernames that are simply names of companies or groups are not permitted (these also fall under 'Promotional Names' above).
  2. Usernames that are names of posts within organisations, such as 'CEOofABC', are not permitted, as such a post may be held by different persons at different times.

4- Exceptions

Some usernames that appear to be in breach of this policy have been allowed to stand by consensus because they were created before a change in the policy that would now prohibit such names. If you find an apparently problematic username being used by a long-standing user, it is likely that the matter has been discussed before.

5- Dealing With Inappropriate Usernames

If Tickld is notified of an inappropriate username as described above, there are various actions an administrator might take.

  1. Choose to Ignore
  2. Informal Communication/Request to Register a New Username
  3. Formal Communication/Request to Register a New Username
  4. Delete Account
  5. Block User at IP Level

Blocking a user is not actually something we want to do; however, it is something we do when it is needed to protect Tickld from harm where users have a clearly offensive username, disruptive or vandalising posts or comments, or comments that show a history of Terms of Use violations.

6- Other Particular Types of Username

6.1 Real Names

Use of a real name may make a contributor more vulnerable to issues such as harassment, both on and off Tickld. You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of making substantial contributions under your real name before doing so, especially if you plan on posting or discussing potentially controversial subjects on Tickld.

Do not post under a name that is likely to imply that you are (or are related to) a specific, identifiable person, unless it is your real name.

If a name is used that implies that the user is (or is related to) a specific, identifiable person, the account may sometimes be blocked as a precaution against damaging impersonation, until proof of identity is provided.

If you have been blocked for using your real name, please don't take offense; we're trying to prevent somebody from impersonating you (or impersonating someone you share a name with). You are welcome to use your real name, but in some cases, you will need to prove you are who you say you are. You can do this by sending an e-mail to hello[at]tickld[dot]com. Please note that an immediate reply is not always possible.

6.2 Non-Latin Usernames

There is no requirement that usernames be in English; however, usernames that are not created using the Latin alphabet are not allowed.

7- Shared Accounts

Any user account should represent an individual and not a group (and an individual should normally only have one user account). Sharing an account or the password to an account with others is not permitted, and evidence of doing so will result in the account being blocked. For accounts being used to represent a group or organisation, see 'Promotional Names' above.

8- Multiple Accounts

It is strongly recommended that users do not use multiple accounts.

9- Changing Your Username

Usernames can be changed one time only. This policy will be strictly adhered to. You may access the username change feature from your account settings.