10 Unethical Reality Shows That The World Needs. Let The Games Begin.

10 Unethical Reality Shows That The World Needs. Let The Games Begin.


Recently, a redditor asked users, "If ethics were not a problem, what reality show would you love to see?" People quickly began coming up with some incredible answers. I need to see these happen in my lifetime.

Source can be found at the bottom of the article.

1/10. Reality show: Homeless guys get roofied, wake up next morning clean shaven and in a suit at an office job and the boss is asking for the report


2/10. Take two people, one that's 100 pounds and one that's 200 pounds. They have 30 days to get to the same weight. If they can get within one pound of each other at the end of the month then they win.

It's called: "Meet Me in the Middle”


3/10. A juiced up Survivor. 50 people per team, stranded on the same island. No games, just survival. 6 month time-frame, large cash prize for winning team, and no provisions or outside help/intervention. If some people can't survive, they simply don't.

Obviously it's a volunteer event so I'd assume plenty of survivalists etc. would be signing up for it anyway. I want to see if, even with their knowledge of it being a game, things would ever come to outright war.


4/10. A Truman channel of like 20 different people all growing up in a Truman show lives showcasing various cultural influences and seeing how it affects their individual growth.

A sociologist dream, ethics nightmare.


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