11 Hideous Deep Sea Creatures To Haunt Your Dreams. Number 5 Gave Me Chills.

11 Hideous Deep Sea Creatures To Haunt Your Dreams. Number 5 Gave Me Chills.


1. Satanic jelly-dragon disappearing into the depths

The actual name of this creature is ‘Tomopteris’, an elusive and creepy deep sea worm...

2. Big-fin squid, as sighted by a Shell deep sea drilling operation.

As if it didn’t look weird enough, according to the creature’s Wiki page: “Scientists have speculated that bigfin squid feed by dragging their arms and tentacles along the seafloor, and grabbing edible organisms off the floor...”

3. Dumbo octopus spotted in action.

4. Barrel-eye fish. Cute, or absolutely terrifying?

The “barrel-eye fish” pictured above actually has its eyes inside its head, protected by a transparent bubble-like enclosure. What are you doing, nature? Please, stop.

5. Goblin shark. Very few sightings of this creep have ever actually been reported.

And here it is in action...

6. Carnivorous, flesh-eating sponge

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Known as the “Ping-pong Tree Sponge”, this strange plant-tree-sponge-animal thing traps small crustaceans in its “ping pong balls” and slowly digests them alive. No big deal.

7. The Siphonophorae - a moving structure made up of smaller organisms…

The thing in this video may look like one strange swordfish looking abomination, however the truth is even weirder. The Siphonophorae is actually a grouped-up colony of many individual organisms.

8. The Alien. AKA The Black Dragon-fish.


The black dragon-fish does more than give people nightmares - it also creates its own light, and hunts prey stealthily (1).

Cool. Just keep it away from me.

9. The Blobfish.

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This miserable looking monster has had a pretty tough time getting respected in human society. It was actually voted as the “World’s Ugliest Animal” (BBC) and adopted as the “Ugly Animal Preservation Society” mascot…

10. Frilled Shark, AKA the ancient sea dinosaur.

This strange beast has been described as a “living fossil” because its ancestors date back about 80 million years (source).

Makes you wonder what other prehistoric monsters are prowling in the depths, completely free from the minds and eyes of humans.

11. Bobbit Worms - a terrifying, meat-eating sea worm.

This creature buries itself in the mud, then waits for stimulus to trigger one of its 5 antennae. When it senses something, it springs out and viciously attacks its prey.

Watch the bobbit worm in action - this gave me chills…

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