31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.


There are common misconceptions about known facts that must be laid to rest!

Below are 31 facts that people are tired of explaining to others. Check them out!

1. The infamous McDonald's coffee case.

The "Frivolous McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit."

It was a 79 year old grandma, sitting in a parked car. The coffee was 180-190 degrees. She suffered 3rd degree burns on her crotch, spent a week in the hospital, and had permanent disfigurement. She repeatedly tried to settle for the cost of her medical bills, to which McDonalds offered $800 to cover her bills. Finally she sued them for gross negligence as documents showed that McDonalds not only knew about the danger, including 700 reports of similar incidents, but had repeatedly refused to implement any changes.

She was awarded massive punitive damages because a large company completely refused to take any action to address a well known danger.

Not because she was greedy and filed a 'frivolous lawsuit'.


2. The tax bracket truth.

That when you earn more money that puts you "into a higher tax bracket" only the amount above that bracket gets taxed at the higher rate, not your entire income.


3. The real weight loss.

That losing weight really is just calories in vs calories out.

No fad diets or gimmicks are going to work in the long run.


4. Climate change is for us.

Climate Change is not about 'Saving the planet' it's actually about saving Humanity. Our planet will be fine.


5. Sit-ups aren't the only answer.

That you can't specifically lose belly fat by doing sit-ups. Yes, the sit-ups will strengthen and tone your abs, but...(Continued)

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