31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.


Want to have a threesome, I'm not more likely to cheat.


12. Phone number confusion.


I moved to Canada 2 years ago and on my second day in Toronto I purchased a SIM card from Koodo with a phone number that begins with 437. Little did I know 437 was a new Ontario area code that had only just been made active.

EVERYONE in Toronto has a phone number that begins with either 416 or 647, so when I begin quoting my number to someone as "437..." I'm either met with a blank/confused face, or I get asked "You mean 647?" It happens every time, without doubt.

It got even worse when I moved to Montreal. The two main area codes here are 514 and 438, so you can imagine the reactions I get when I quote 437. Recently I emailed my cell number to a group of colleagues and one of them even replied all simply saying "*438". Yikes.


13. That's a popular opinion.

That just because an opinion is popular doesn't mean it is correct.


14. Battery knowledge is power.

You shouldn't fully drain batteries to make them last longer. That was old info that only applied to nicad and not modern lithium batteries.


15. Animal welfare is important.

That they should spay and neuter their pets.

That a "no kill" shelter will still euthanize extremely ill or extremely aggressive animals.

That the $700 dog they just adopted from a puppy mill is probably no more "pure bred" or healthy than a rescue or shelter animal, and that they should stop supporting people who bring more animals into the world, which results in animal overpopulation and higher euthanasia rates.

God I love working in animal welfare.


16. Knowledge is NOT power?

Knowledge does not equal intelligence.

Just because somebody was never taught how to do something or how something works, doesn't mean they're dumb. Hell, they could even be...(Continued)

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