31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.


Hell, they could even be much smarter that you.


17. Don't let snow feel you!

That snow in the winter doesn't mean global warming is a lie. Weather and climate are not the same thing!


18. Understanding is important.

I have depression. I am sad. All the time.

I know I have a great life. Telling me I shouldn't be so sad with my awesome life makes me feel worse.

No, trying to cheer myself up doesn't work.

No this is not just a phase. Depression isn't like emo. I don't wear eye-liner or tight jeans. I did like My Chemical Romance, but that's besides the point.

Yes. I have tried changing my diet.

Exercise? never heard of that word. You are literally the first person to suggest it to me. It doesn't work. Yes, I have tried running. I know it helps you get the anger out. I'm not angry.


19. The proof is in the pudding!

Ibuprofen and Motrin are the SAME thing. Why the hell will no one believe that? They always insist on looking it up and Google never fails me so they just kinda glare at me.


20. Look past the stereotypes.

I'm not a "househusband" because I'm lazy and don't want to work. I chose to stay home and support my wife while she brings in the bread. I've accepted this and you should look past societal stereotypes and stop with the condescension.


21. Why we have the Electoral College.

The Electoral College was not created because they didn't have the technology to have an informed populace or to run an election. They could have had national elections where the President was elected by popular vote back then, if that's what they wanted to do.

It was created so that the smaller states would have a say in the presidency.


22. There's more to it than that.

Bipolar disorder is deeper than being mad 5 minutes ago and now being perfectly fine. Sure, some people do rapid cycle but it just isn't that simple. And the weather can not have bipolar disorder. And bipolar disorder is not the same thing as PMS, though symptoms can get worse while menstruating, they are completely unrelated. Also OCD can be...(Continued)

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