31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.


Also OCD can be obsessive intrusive thoughts, not everyone with OCD is so totes obsessed with cleaning. You can have OCD and be a slob, it is about obsessive behaviour that interferes with your life. Mental disorders are not cute and quirky, they are literally the worst.


23. Obama is just one person.

Obama is only one person. He doesn't make every governmental law, policy and decision. He isn't directly responsible for everything going wrong in your life.


24. The truth about Aspartame.

Aspartame is one of the best studied food additives in the world. It's not dangerous, it doesn't cause cancer. And it's not some mysterious "chemical" (whatever it is that layman health nuts think that word means), it's a peptide: An itty bitty protein. Our body is perfectly able to digest it, our tongue just thinks it's insanely sweet so we don't need much of it.

All that said, it's still not good for you either. It encourages your appetite so you eat more and as a result still gain weight while consuming it.


25. The first 48.

You must wait 48 hours before you can report someone missing is false. Those first 48 hours are some of the most important in an investigation.


26. Dispel the myths!

Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.


27. It's not blood.

"I want my steak well done. Don't want any BLOOD in my meat..."

There has never been any blood in any piece of steak you have ever eaten. When they kill the cow they slit the throat and hang it upside down draining all of the blood out. What you are seeing as "blood" in a steak is a combination of a...(Continued)

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