31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.


Saline type solution that is lightly colored red and a protein called myoglobin which helps to carry oxygen to muscle tissue.


28. Evolution's true purpose is...

That evolution should eventually create a "perfect" being, if it hasn't already.

Nope. Evolution by natural selection only produces something that can survive in a certain environment. If the environment changes and it can't adapt, it dies. Every trait, even the ones that seem like they only benefit, has tradeoffs. A species that's perfectly adapted for swimming can't also be perfectly adapted to run fast on land. A species that's perfectly adapted to a tropical rainforest can't also be perfectly adapted for Antarctica. Our big human brains? Those use a lot of energy to grow and function.


29. Break the conditioning!

Facebook is going to charge you unless you share this carefully worded legally binding paragraph. Complete bogus.


30. It's safer than you think!

That microwaves give you cancer. I lived with a guy who was completely adamant on this. He would bring it up every single time I used it. How hard is it to Google stuff?

For those of you who don't know, microwaves use non-ionizing radiation. It just vibrates water particles to heat up your food. Not to mention the faraday cage that makes sure that almost all of the radiation doesn't leave the microwave.


31. Columbus was NOT the first person to know the Earth wasn't flat.

Columbus was the first person to discover the Earth wasn't flat, and that was why he was the first to try to sail west to get to India.

Actually, everyone pretty much knew the earth was round, even the lower class. Columbus, however, believed that the earth was much smaller than the Greeks thousands of years earlier had proven it was. The reason he was rejected so many times by the nobility was because the earth was in fact as big as common knowledge dictated, and he was an idiot. He would've died out at sea or faced mutiny from his crew if he hadn't gotten lucky and stumbled onto the Caribbeans.

He wasn't even the first European to discover America. The vikings beat him by like 500 years, but the natives shut them down when they tried to start conquering because they forgot to bring enough smallpox.


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