8 Things Kim Davis' Lawyer ACTUALLY Said. #4 Is Ridiculous.

8 Things Kim Davis' Lawyer ACTUALLY Said. #4 Is Ridiculous.


The name Kim Davis has been driven into our minds over the past few weeks. She has stayed relatively silent and let her attorney, Mat Staver, do all the talking for her.

As it turns out, that was a huge mistake. Mat Staver speaks some of the most inane babble I've ever seen. Here are some actual things he's as quoted saying.

“Does that mean that if you’re Christian, don’t apply here; if you’re a Jew, you gotta get — what happened in Nazi Germany, what happened there first, they removed the Jews from government public employment, then they stopped patronizing them in their private businesses, then they continued to stigmatize them, then they were the ‘problems,’ then they killed them,”

3. About gay boy scout leaders:

“Now [the organization will] allow homosexual young boys in the Scouts and allow homosexual leaders in the Scouts, and what are you going to have? You are going to have all kinds of sexual molestation."

4. On The Department of Education and what they're teaching kindergartners in school:

"[They'll say to our children,] 'Hey, you need to experiment as a kindergartener with whether you’re male or female. You need to, like, have some experiments and go out and have same-sex relationships.'"

5. He also claimed that it was "impossible" for Davis to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples, as that would be a "searing act of validation that would forever echo in her conscience."

6. Compared Kim Davis to Abraham Lincoln:

"If we told Abraham Lincoln, ‘Abraham Lincoln, you should just go along with the Dred Scott decision. After all, it is what the racist Chief Justice Taney wrote, and it’s the law of the land.'"

7. That time he urged people to abandon public schools:

"[Public schools are] gonna be a flood of homosexual indoctrination, gender abolition indoctrination, sexual practice experimentation, risky behavior. All this is gonna come on them like a flood.”

8. Used electronic plugs as an analogy for transexuals:

“It may sound crass, but take a fan for example, and instead of having the male plug, have the female plug, and try to see if you can make it work. You’re not going to be able to plug it into a wall. The fact is nature teaches you -- you don’t have to have anything -- that’s why a five-year-old can understand that this is against nature."

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