Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.

Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.


Unfortunately, sometimes the justice system wrongly convicts people who they think are criminals, and it can be overturned quickly or take a long time.

Below are stories of people who were wrongly convicted, and how life is after having been proved innocent. Check them out.

1. All over mistaken identity...

I was arrested for "stealing" from my engineering firm, got arrested and taken to jail. The whole experience was awful. I was arrested on a Friday, and ended up spending three days in jail. Got strip searched, put in an isolated cell completely naked because of my past use of anti-depresants, which deemed me worthy of "suicide watch", and then got marched into court in an orange jumpsuit and shackles.

Eventually it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, but the whole experience sucked.


2. All is forgiven.

I was convicted of stealing a crappy old Ford from an alleyway near a nightclub which had an old CCTV system on it. I had walked home from said nightclub the night the car was stolen, apparently very close to the time it went missing. Although I obviously didn't do it (I earn £45,000 a year, roughly) the police apparently thought I did. Spent three months in prison until the decision was overturned. Of course I was massively angry, but also glad that the case was overturned so quickly (I was due to be in there for 18 months after all). I've forgiven those who wrongly prosecuted me by now; they were just trying to do their job- although of course I don't hesitate to say that they messed up that bad!


3. How is that even possible...

I was arrested and charged (and convicted in one court) with drunk driving and causing an accident despite having a shattered right foot and an inability to even stand. I guess the officer thought my repeated falling down when he tried to force me to walk was evidence that I was drunk.

Long story short, after about eight months of the best people I've ever met being kind enough to waste hours of their day driving me back and forth to court (you know, because of my inability to drive with a broken foot) and a couple thousand dollars in lawyer fees, the arresting officer was forced to take the stand where he...(Continued)

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