Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.

Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.


5. It's just not fair...

I spent 5+ years of my life fighting a very very sick alleged charge pressed on by the step mother of my ex girlfriend's children, regarding a small child, 3 years of age.

This was not the first person this woman had accused. The first actually blew his head off in fear of what was to come.

The second, my ex's father was working off shore and had no contact so then came me. Even though we were not still together, the mother still testified on my behalf because she knew the truth.

I beat the first charge only to have a lesser but still sicking charge pressed against me, due to double jeopardy and all which I also beat. Although never convicted, this charge still appears on my arrest recorded and follows me to this day when trying to get a apartment and somehow at various jobs then spreads like a wildfire through out the workplace all though this may be due to it being such a small town. I am a very poor person than can not afford any sort of decent lawyer to remove this from my record or sue for any sort of restitution. this has really messed with my mind and life in general in many ways to this day.


6. Bordering on bullying.

My husband's case was minor compared to some of the other stories here, but it still makes my blood boil some 21 years later.

My husband was driving, I was in the car with him, he turned right on a red light when there was no traffic. Cop pulls him over and tickets him, saying there's a "No Turn on Red" sign "right there" pointing to where apparently a sign used to be. They ran his license and then handcuffed him, saying he had a warrant. We were shocked, had no inkling. Hauled him off to the lockup at the police station and told me that I was "lucky" that they were letting me drive our car home rather than them towing and impounding it.

I went to the station, the warrant was from an unpaid ticket almost 2 years earlier for an expired license plate. Husband told me "I paid that ticket!", cops told me I needed $200 to bail him out. Went to ATM, got the cash, and we spent the rest of the night digging in the attic through old household records to find the bank statement and cancelled check for that ticket. Found it, went to appointed court date, and the old warrant was cleared up and the red light ticket was dismissed when we provided photographic evidence that there was no sign. But as we checked out, we were assessed $200 in court costs and when I asked how we got our bail money back, they pretty much laughed at me and said: (Continued)

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