Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.

Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.


"You don't". They also invited us to "sue them". We were already out $400 for two non-crimes and certainly couldn't afford the money and time involved to hire a lawyer to sue the city


7. Caged up like an animal.

My buddies got raided on really big drug charges (distributions, trafficking) and they threw my name out there when they were being interrogated. Cops came and kicked in my girlfriend's door at 5 AM. Took me to jail, put me on the news in a bracket with them for my whole family to see, interrogated me and tried to pull their funny tricks to get me to talk.

Ended up pulling 15 days in the slammer until I could leave. Jail was terrible I might add. Living like an animal locked in a cage. Not for me.


8. Not even her fault!

My wife was arrested for an outstanding warrant on something she had taken care of years before. She was charged with shoplifting for walking out of a store with sunglasses on her head that she had meant to pay for. She had paid for everything else, but spaced that she stuck the sunglasses on her head absently. Despite having $200 in cash on her and immediately offering to pay, the security at the grocery store called the police on her.

She did community service, paid fines, etc.

Apparently the county lost the paperwork. So when she got pulled over for a brakelight being out, she was arrested due to a bench warrant for not paying a fine/doing her community service.

She managed to dig up the paperwork and get it cleared, but the fact that she had a warrant out apparently invalidated her license and she never knew. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did, so in addition she got fined and ticketed for driving without a license and driving without valid insurance, because without a license you can't have valid insurance despite the fact that she paid it every month.

Another two years later, this happened again. She was pulled over for going 5 over in a school zone and arrested on a warrant for the same alleged unpaid fines and community service. Because this was her second time with the same situation--invalid license, invalid insurance as a result, all unbeknownst to her, she lost her license for a year and got slapped with $3,000 in fines. To boot, the judge told her she was being extremely lenient to my wife only because we had a newborn baby at the time, and would normally have put her in jail for 6 months.

Once again we've provided proof that she cleared up the fines and community service YEARS ago, but who the hell knows if it's taken care of. It's to the point where we're considering lawyering up and suing the county because if it happens again she'll wind up in jail on a third offence for no license/insurance. Meanwhile I've had to take a low paying job close to home so I can be on call to grab the kids at school or whatever if something happens, and she's been homebound for over a year now going out of her mind.


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