Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.

Convicted Criminals Who Were Later Proven Innocent Share What Life Is Like Now.


9. Bitcoins are a trap!

Over a year ago I was arrested under suspicion of money laundering. I've never laundered any money whatsoever, but I had bitcoin miners which they were interested in. They took a hell of a lot of my stuff away (phones, laptops, tablets) when they raided my house, then took me to away, put me in a holding cell (only for about 30 minutes though), interviewed me and released me on bail. Its been over a year and I'm still bailed. Just a waiting game now. I can't say much more as I guess the case is still ongoing.


10. Racism never wins.

Happened to my dad long before I was born. Somewhere between 1990's, my dad worked in a far away town, and that town had just about nothing of interest. My dad's coworkers were racist and didn't like a Hindu working around them so they got my dad responsibility of a new dairy nearby and there were some construction work going on and my dad was to inspect it.

Then his co workers accused my dad of stealing stuff of construction site into his personal use. My dad told them and tried to explain them that it won't end up the way they think it will if they keep this up.

My dad fought the case for months, he spent hours with lawyers learning and reading books studying the case. He won the case and all 15 of those co workers were fired and 3 of them spent jail for a short amount of time , my dad got his job back, but wasn't compensated

Later on, in 2013 he went back to court for compensation and he got it all about 61k. He's now building the old house the value of it is now about a million.

Also the guy who accused my dad met my dad again in 2010's he apologized for what he did to him and my dad promised to help him get his life up , he lost his job spent time in jail, he lost his only son later on and now he's one of those fortune tellers.

I asked my dad how he felt after he won the case and how people reacted to him. He said "I was happy that I got my job, but it was a needed moment for me, as I realized whom to trust and who not to."



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