8 Defences For Disney Villains If They Were Represented By Lawyers. Captain Hook's Is Perfect.

8 Defences For Disney Villains If They Were Represented By Lawyers. Captain Hook's Is Perfect.


What if Disney villains were actually unfairly treated? We label them as guilty, but perhaps we are too quick to judge.

To get a different perspective on things, a question was posed to defense lawyers on an online community: "Defense lawyers, what would your defense be for various Disney villains?" The responses are fantastic.

1. The Lion King - Scar

Mufasa was killed by a stampeding herd of wildebeest. It was a tragedy, and the defendant, Scar, mourned his brother's death before putting his personal pain aside to lead a nation that needed him.

And now his nephew, who mysteriously ran off after his father's death, shows up and accuses him of foul play years later? A kid who has spent his life up until this point shirking all responsibility, living with a couple of deviants, and doing God knows what. This runaway, who has never held down a job mind you, suddenly can't get his fix so he comes home and starts making demands. When his loving uncle, Scar, refuses to just hand over everything and suggests that Simba enter a rehabilitation program all of a sudden he starts throwing around wild accusations.

Did anyone see Scar push Mufasa to his death? Did the post-mortem show any evidence that Mufasa may have been fighting with Scar or any other lion before his death? No and no. So how can anyone say beyond reasonable doubt, that Scar was responsible for the death of the fallen leader, Mufasa?

This case has no merit.


The autopsy report for Mufasa shows evidence of claw punctures in his paws. The shape and spread of the wounds match Scar's claws. I also have numerous wildebeests claiming that the stampede that killed Mufasa was started by a trio of hyenas with known close connections to Scar.

3. Beauty and the Beast - Gaston

Ladies and gentlemen, my client is named Gaston. He was a hunter by nature and there was a deadly beast in his village. He rightfully took a militia and attempted to seize the beast. The girl, Belle, had been taken hostage by that monster. Her father was taken hostage previous to her, and the beasts servants and maids were all essentially hostages as well. I ask you to feel empathy for my client Gaston. If Belle didn't have her weird "beast fetish", then Gaston's deeds would be viewed as an incredible rescue story!

Gaston would've called instead of showing up late at night with torches and pitchforks but he didn't know the phone number of the beast.

4. Frozen - Prince Hans

Prince Hans' attempted assassination of Queen Elsa was carried out on behalf of the nation of Arendelle, which would almost certainly have suffered tremendous loss of life and a devastating economic downturn had the winter gone on any longer. He is a true patriot, and a hero.

5. The Little Mermaid - Ursula

Ursula made a contract with Ariel that had no clause saying that Ursula was not allowed to interfere. The contract stated that she had to get Eric to fall in love with her without her voice. Ariel failed, and she has to pay the price for her failure. It's not Ursula's fault that Ariel doesn't put things by a lawyer before she signs them. Also, as an octopus, Ursula can't be legally held responsible.

6. Peter Pan - Captain Hook

My client Captain Hook's actions can be accounted for by his severe Post Traumatic Post Disorder related to a previous hand injury suffered while he was an officer in the Navy. Hook was also provoked and attacked by Mr. Pan numerous times. Not to mention the fact that Peter Pan is known to have kidnapped children.

7. Jungle Book - Shere Khan

While the violent human intruder, who goes by the savage name "mowgli", endangered the security and peace of the entire jungle, as he brought a weapon of mass destruction, that by experts is known as "fire", into the sovereign territory of the jungle, my client, the noble and acknowledged Mister Shere Khan, was one of the few citizens to realize the potential threat caused by this unlawful human creature.

Selflessly he fought the creature, while others were too lazy or driven by foolish and egoistic attempts to attain power through the human.

My client should therefore be treated as a hero and the true villains should be punished according to the laws of the jungle. Meaning Mister Shere Khan should be granted the right to kill and eat them.

8. Aladdin - Jafar

Jafar was merely upholding the duties of his office. The Sultan was a bumbling idiot, which made him effectively the ruler. Poverty and crime are rampant, forcing the expansion of the city watch. However in order to get as many guards as possible, the standards need to be lowered, resulting in an incredibly corrupt and aggressive police force. Agrabah is on the verge of collapse, and there is only one hope to save it: Princess Jasmine marrying the ruler of a powerful kingdom.

Of course, Princess Jasmine was extremely reluctant, having all of her suitors nearly killed by her pet tiger. The oaf of a Sultan refused to discipline her and as a result the likelihood of a royal match was decreasing rapidly.

In an act of desperation, Jafar turns to the legend of a lamp carrying a genie, which he will use to save the city, and hires a young street rat to recover the lamp. As we know, the plan backfires and the street rat abuses the Genie's power to weasel his way into marriage.

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. Click below to share this with friends.

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