25 Grateful People Share The Most Incredible Act Of Generosity Someone Has Ever Done For Them.

25 Grateful People Share The Most Incredible Act Of Generosity Someone Has Ever Done For Them.


An act of generosity is a powerful thing. It's something that the receiver will never forget. It's a way of saying, "You today, me tomorrow." And it's something that will be paid forward, affecting far more people than it ever intended. Here, 25 grateful people share the most incredible act of generosity someone has ever done for them.

1/25. I was in college and completely broke. I had a bag with me containing four loaves of bread that I'd bought for about $1.10, and I didn't have any idea what I would eat after those were gone. I was at a pay phone in a classroom building, calling my mom collect, because I also didn't have a phone.

I knew my mom had already told me she wasn't going to give me any money anymore, but I hoped she could ask my grand mother for $20. Before I could get that out, she yelled at me and hung up.

As I was dialling my dad at work, someone came up and was waiting for the phone. I explained the situation to my dad, he needed me to call him back in a few minutes (he had a customer in his shop or something). Before I hung up, the person waiting, who'd seen me make two calls now, says, "Other people have to use the phone, too, you know."

After I hung up, I unloaded on this guy, both barrels. Screaming at him about how I was out of money and out of food, and how he's probably forced to use a pay phone because his cell phone was broken (this was when cell phones were expensive, so it was a total jab). I stepped away from the phone and wept in a corner while he made his call.

After he was done, I sucked it up and apologized. I was under a lot of stress, and I shouldn't have taken it out on him, I said, looking at my shoes. Guy puts a $5 bill in my hand, and says, "Give this to someone when they need it."

I have paid that forward manifold.


2/25. My mom was dying, she lived in Australia and I live in Georgia.

My husband had been laid off from work and I couldn't afford to fly to Australia on a last minute basis.

A person that I only know from a message board used her frequent flyer miles and paid for my trip to Australia...not only that but she booked me first class both ways.


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