Man Shares Heartbreaking Story Of Our Neighbor, Mr Rogers.

Man Shares Heartbreaking Story Of Our Neighbor, Mr Rogers.


I can't believe it. I get in and he nods at me. I do back. I think he could sense a geekā€“out coming. But I kept it together.


The doors open, he lets me go out first. I go, but turn around. "Mr. Rogers... I don't mean to bother you. But wanted to say thanks.

He smiles, but this has to happen to him every 10 feet. "Did you grow up as one of my neighbors?" I felt like crying. Yeah. I was.

Opens his arms, lifting his satchel for hug. "It's good to see you again neighbor." I got to hug Mr. Rogers, y'all.

I pull it together. We're walking out and I mention liking Johnny Costa (he was the piano player on the show.) We made more small talk.

As he went out the door, I said (in a kind of rambling gush) that I'd stumbled on the show again recently, when I really needed it.

So I just said, "Thanks for that." Mr. Rogers nodded. He paused. He undid his scarf. He motioned to the window, and sat down on the ledge.

This is what set Mr. Rogers apart. No one else would've done this. He goes, "Do you want to tell me what was upsetting you?"

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