'He Randomly Bought Me A Taco!' Starstruck People Share Their Most Heartwarming Celebrity Encounters Ever.

'He Randomly Bought Me A Taco!' Starstruck People Share Their Most Heartwarming Celebrity Encounters Ever.


Some celebrities are known to be funny. Others are outright jerks. But these celebrities will forever go down for their heartwarming acts of kindness. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

1. “I met Kesha in a pizza place. I was eating with some new friends and I was telling them about an experience I had with ghosts as a kid. They were making fun of me because they didn’t believe. All of a sudden Kesha turns around and gets up from a table next to us. She walks up and says, ‘Hey. Sorry for eavesdropping, but you caught my attention because you have the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen. Also I totally believe you! Ghosts are real!’”


2. “I met Jeff Goldblum years ago, before a performance of a play he was in. We stood on the sidewalk and he talked to my friends and me for about 15 minutes and was so incredibly friendly and funny. A few weeks later I was walking down the sidewalk when I heard someone say my name — it was Jeff Goldblum! I couldn’t believe he remembered me. He gave me a hug and we chatted for another minute and then he went into his theater to get ready for a matinee. It was absolutely surreal.”

Liz Adams

3. “My sophomore year of high school I met Ed Sheeran. It was before he was famous in the US, so after he played this super-tiny venue I went out back to chat with him. He was the most down-to-earth and just kind human being I’ve ever met. We talked for around half an hour and he even recorded my voicemail message for me! Now every time you call me and I don’t pick up, you’re greeted by Ed Sheeran’s voice.”

Meredith Warren

4. “Was walking down the street in LA and, next thing I know, Ben freaking Affleck comes along and starts walking next to me eating a Subway sandwich. Casual.

Actual conversation between him and I:

Him: Whatcha up to?

Me: *trying to not freak out* Just finished taking a dance class.

Him: You need food after doing physical activity like that. *hands me the rest of his sandwich* *walks away*

Long story short, got mother-henned by Ben Affleck, and the sandwich wasn’t bad.”


5. “I was on a family vacation in a ranch in Montana and it turns out Stephen Moyer was there also with two of his kids. We ended up playing softball together and he literally (Continued)

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