Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.

Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.


Parents aren't perfect. But some are definitely less perfect than others. Here, horrified people share the dumbest thing their parents ever did while raising them.

1. Pick your battles.

I survived cancer as a child; in retrospect, this was hard on my parents. Not the fact that I survived it; the part where they had to watch their kid go through chemotherapy.

One of the drugs I got was called Methotrexate. Methotrexate has some neurological side effects, particularly in children and, in my case, it did some damage to the language centers of my brain.

But my folks were too proud or too happy to put my treatment behind them to think much about that. When I was in high school I took Latin and it was impossible for me. In hindsight I should have seen this coming; I was an exceptional student at everything except spelling where I was a hopeless disaster.

But, unwilling to face the fact that their kid might have a learning difficulty, they insisted that my difficulties in Latin were to do with my "not trying," "being lazy," or "not caring." They berated me, punished me for failure to succeed, and kept on me - day in, day out, even over breaks and vacations, for three years.

I had already developed a sense of pride in my academic work; I was plenty broken up about my inability to handle Latin on my own. This lead me to seriously question if I was who I thought I was, what my fitness was for higher education, and what I was doing with my life... and all that before my parents piled on when I needed them, more than anything, to support me.

Eventually I managed to squeak through Latin with enough of a passing grade that college wasn't out of the question (though it did a number to my GPA) and put it behind me, but the damage to my relationship with my parents was done.


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