Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.

Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.


13. Funny how that works.

I am bilingual. Growing up I spoke both English and Khmer. My family would make fun of how I spoke Khmer and ridicule me. To this day I refuse to speak Khmer to my parents but will speak it to anyone else. Now I make fun of their English.


14. You missed out.

One decided to opt out of the entire experience before I was born. Which was pretty stupid because I turned out to be awesome.


15. Children absorb everything.

My mom and stepdad would (and still do) constantly fight with each other over every little thing. This led to me having a hard time (as a child and teen) being able to open up and talk to them.

I was too terrified that I would get yelled at or possibly spanked. This also caused me to become the biggest "rule follower" ever.


16. They had to learn the hard way.

Sending me to multiple hippy, alternative curriculum schools. All they teach you is that life is a peachy little fairytale. Nothing will challenge you and you will succeed simply because you're special. This hit me hard my freshman year of college.


17. An entirely different concept of reality.

My parents didn't think I would be able to handle Bambi's mother's death when I was younger so they recorded it to another VHS with that section edited out. The eventual confusion and feeling of deception was far more shocking.

I didn't know Bambi's mother died until I was 22 and had a playful drunken argument enforcing the theory that she didn't. They thought I had lost my goddamn mind.


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