Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.

Horrified People Recall The Dumbest Thing Their Parents Did While Raising Them.


18. A plant needs to breathe in order to grow.

They didn't give me enough room to grow. Their style was strict and protective. When someone is a teenager, I think they grow more experiencing things on their own. This past summer I sent my teenage daughter on one of those outward bound trips. Put her on a plane, and sent her off to sail the Caribbean. This coming summer, I plan to do it again. Out there is where you gain confidence and find yourself. Not on my couch watching Netflix.


19. Social quarantine.

My parents didn't allow me to hang out with people who weren't Indian (I live in the US for most of my life, barely any Indian people lived near me).

They thought I would succumb to Westernization and their "bad culture". I didn't get out of the house pretty much from when I was in 1st grade till the end of high school.

School was the only time I could socialize with people. The only time I did hang out with people was with Indian family friends who lived an hour away. That would be once a month or every two months (hanging out with parents in the same house is not fun).

Now in college, I can finally hang out with other people, and even start dating (parents did not want me date people, even today). I'm glad that I'm not as socially awkward as I could have been.


20. Because it's better to shame than teach.

While in high school. Instead of giving me the "birds and the bees" talk when they caught me and my girlfriend in a suggestive position they just shamed and yelled at me for it.


21. He ruined a good thing.

When I was a kid I loved playing music. I took drum, violin, cello, and piano lessons. The piano was my favorite so I took lessons from age 11 to 18. My dad was very religious and was the choir master at church, so naturally he dragged me into this: I became the church organist at around 14.

My regular sheet music was replaced with crappy church hymnals and any time I sat down at the piano, he'd come waving a handful of music that he'd like the choir to learn.

I was browbeaten and guilted into participating and eventually began to avoid playing the piano when he was in the house which led me to just avoid playing the piano altogether.

I feel like all that church music ruined my appreciation for the piano and kind of robbed me of something that I loved doing and maybe could've taught to my kids. I'm 30 now and have plans of going back to it, but I just don't find the time anymore.


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