Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


5. Mysterious footprints

Worked in a motel when I was 17-18. I was at the front desk not working when the housekeeping guy called me to check something out in a room that was being cleaned. I go up there and the housekeeping guy is standing in the middle pointing up to the ceiling.

There was a set of bare foot prints on the ceiling which is at least 10 ft high. Bare. Not shoes or slippers and only in the middle and no where else. There's no way he jumped that high upside down and no prints on the walls either.

Also he left a single bullet on the bed.


6. Strange … but delicious!

I cleaned hotels at the end of each week at a family camp one summer. They had large communal kitchens on each floor so people could bring their own food if they wanted. At the end of one camp week, someone left a full, unopened, LARGE jar of Nutella in the kitchen. That day, I gained a brand new free jar of Nutella and a very heavy sense of confusion for why someone would do such a thing.


7. Creepy old man and stockings

I work at a mid tier popular hotel in the south on the 3-11pm shift. About a month and a half ago I get a call from an older man working at the Hanes company, trying to check on a reservation. Apparently the reservation didn't pop up in our system, so he then starts asking me if it's okay if guests who stay at the hotel can get packages shipped to them during their stay. Sure whatever, we will sign for them too. He then slides in "Oh worst case scenario you guys will end up with 300 pairs of stockings.” That was it... or so I thought. Proceed to two weeks ago around 9pm. The phone rings and it's the Hanes man again. But this time he sounds a little off. Super soft voice with almost shallow breathing. He's checking on the reservation again, which still isn't there. As I try to offer to make the reservation he cuts me off to tell me that the package of stockings will be coming in. In then even more shallow breathing, in the creepiest softest voice asks, "Do you wear thigh highs?” I still can't shake the tone of voice, I hung up so quick and locked the doors.


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