Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


8. The feeling of being watched…

Right here at work a few nights ago during night shift. I was typing up an email to a customer and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it for a moment, and kept working. Then it sunk in: It was a person just staring at me through the window. As I turned my head they slowly walked out of my view towards the parking lot. So I went outside to confront them and they were gone. Not a soul in sight for miles. I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched the rest of the night.


9. What was this naked man thinking?

I'm a housekeeper. I've walked in on a few people having sex or being naked, but they are usually pretty embarrassed. But this one time when I had just started, I knocked on the door to clean this guy's room, he opened it just a peek so he could see who was at the door. I thought, he must be in a towel or something, he's gonna tell me to come back later or go away. Well he did, once he saw it was me, but not before flinging the door open the rest of the way, revealing he was butt naked. And that's how I learned what ginger pubes look like. Still don't know what was running through the dude's mind, but he didn't have a boner so I'm gonna rule that out.


10. The spirit of the pigeon lady needs a home

My co-worker was an adorable little old Asian man who was very hard to understand. He was the housekeeper on weekends so I would work with him most of the time. He was the weirdest thing at the hotel, but I'm sure it was a cultural thing for him.

What I could understand from him and from stories from co-workers is that he very much believed in spirits. He claimed to have banished an evil spirit from the kitchen. And he also claimed that the third floor was haunted by a woman.

The weirdest thing he did was: One day in the winter, he brought a pigeon into the hotel. It was snowing outside and the hotel was moderately busy that night. But he kept this pigeon with him the entire time, and the damn thing never wanted to fly away, would just walk around with him or stay on his cleaning cart. The reason he kept it close is because he said it was a woman in its past life and she was cold and lonely. So he took it in and cared for her/it. It lasted that weekend then I think our general manager made him get rid of it or stop bringing it into the hotel. According to my co-workers, he brought it home.


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