Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


11. The death of this man will remain a mystery

I was a hotel manager at a larger hotel. Someone dialed 9-1-1 from a room. It tells us which room it is, so we go to the room to make sure things are fine (7/10 they were trying to dial room 911, 2/10 it is a kid playing on the phone). I go up and our security guard was doing CPR on a naked old guy and his wife was crying. The paramedics show up and ask for her to leave the room, I get the woman out of the room and try to talk with her to help her out. The paramedics failed to revive the guy and he passed away, so the police show up and start to talk with her and ask her what was going on for their report. She whispered something into the officers ear and he said OK and wrote it down... I never saw what he wrote or heard what she said. I still have no idea to this day what exactly had happened.


12. The tale of drunken man riding a scooter

I used to work night audit at a Comfort Inn. Usually pretty boring. The only weird thing I experienced was there was one night a guy came to the desk just kind of chatting me up. Kind of drunk so Im like, whatever. Eventually he wanders off and not an hour passes and he rides a scooter (like a rascal) right out of the lobby (The lobby is locked but if you had a keyvard you could slide it to unlock and come back in.)

Again, drunk. I shrug him off as just being weird. Time passes and suddenly the cops are there. They approach me, asking questions about the guest in the room, who happened to be drunken rascal man. I can provide them info from the computer and give them his description, video surveillance of the lobby. Thats all I can offer. I find out later the room is covered in blood, but thats all I was ever told. The drunk guy was never wounded, so...


13. The runaway man

I've worked as a front desk employee for over a year now. Story time!

On a slower night I was working the front desk by myself and we didn't have any housekeeping/houseman working that night so I was completely alone aside from the guests in the hotel (i'm a 5'5 120lb girl by the way, this will matter in a minute.)

A big burly dude walks in and I can tell immediately that he has some form of mental handicap. I ask him if there's anything I can help him with and he says I need to call the cops, now. I start panicking. I ask him if it’s an emergency and he says he just needs the cops here, he's ran away from home.

Thus far he hadn't seemed threatening so I do call the police, but I call the non-emergency number (they usually respond pretty quickly.) He puts his hand out like he would like to speak to the operator, so I hand him the phone. I couldn't hear the operator but I assumed she asked him what the problem was. He proceeds to answer with "I ran away from home and I’m suicidal. And very homicidal."


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