Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


I'm of course trying to keep the situation calm, I give the operator the address and the dude waits in the lobby STARING AT ME until I secretly call our security company to send someone out, who then escorts him off property. Cops showed up about 30 mins later and never bothered to find the guy.


14. The newspaper room

I worked at a hotel that was owned by a college. The rooms inside the courtyard were rented out to customers but the outer rooms were meant for long term stays and college kids. There was an old man that lived in the very front of the hotel (had for decades). He was a germaphobe and was terrified of spiders. He would come down at night and talk to me. For some reason I was super interested in everything he had to say, mostly cause it was boring at slow at night but he knew a lot of history about the city we live in. One night he came down to the lobby and was in tears. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that there was a spider in his room could I get rid of it for him? Normally, the only people allowed in his room were the housekeepers when they changed his sheets so I had no idea what I was in store for. I opened the door to see that every inch of his room was covered in old newspapers. He had plastered them on the walls, the tables, the sinks, chairs… everywhere. There were stacks and stacks of newspapers everywhere.

I found the spider it the bathroom and killed it. Just as I was about to flush he was like NO!!! I asked him what is wrong? He didn’t want me to flush it because it might crawl back in. So I took this mushed spider in a tissue and out the room. He was a sweet old man but it just really creeped me out seeing his room covered in newspapers.


15. The naked pilots and flight attendants

So back in the mid-80s I was stationed in Hawaii. I needed some extra cash so I picked up a gig working security at a hotel. This particular hotel had a smaller hotel next to it that was owned by one of the major airlines. We basically provided check-in and check-out services for them, but I never really did much for them in terms of security other than chase off the occasional drunk guy trying to follow the flight attendants into the hotel.

One night I got a call asking me to come up to one of the higher floors of the hotel to try and quiet things down. These floors were typically where the pilots stayed and had bigger rooms and usually were the ones without much issue.

The elevators opened to two butt-naked pilots chasing five naked flight attendants around the hall. The entire group were trashed and there were signs that there was probably some coke in one of the rooms. On seeing me, one of the pilots told me to get out of my clothes.


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