Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


I politely declined and told them that they were going to have to keep it down because we were getting complaints. The pilot saluted, herded the women into his room and closed the door.

Not sure what happened but there weren't any more noise complaints. The weird part was for the next 3 months I had the job I would routinely see the pilots and the flight attendants in question. All acted as if nothing happened, and I never had another complaint.


16. Calling 911 by accident

I used to work in a small twenty room hotel built from an old mansion. So yeah, super creepy from the right perspective. I've heard old ghost stories, but never saw anything supernatural. Rather, the creepy stuff came from guests. One time, a lovely couple checked in. Although the guy was way older than the woman, they were friendly and enthusiastic. Later that night, about midnight (keep in mind, that at that time, I am the hotel's only employee on staff), my switchboard tells me that their room had dialed 911. Since the guy was old, I was afraid he had a heart attack or something. I go to their room, and knock on the door. It takes a while, but the door opens a bit. It is PITCH BLACK in their room.

Like, they closed the curtains, and turned on no lights. I can't see the guy at all, but I hear the mans voice, and it's a cackled whisper out of a horror movie. "YEEEEESSSSS?".

Me: "Excuse me sir, is everything ok? I saw that you dialed 911."


Me: "I'm XX, the guy who checked you in. You dialed 911, is everything ok?"

HIM: "We don't (giggles creepily) have a phone.”

Me: "Yes you do, and you called 911 from it, is everything ok?"

HIM: "OH, we have (giggles) meant to call 411, (giggles) SOORRRRRYYYY.”

He closes the door. I go back to my desk fearing something insane is going on. The next day, the two of them come downstairs, super happy, acting completely normal again. It was just weird. Now I'm pretty sure I have an explanation for the guy's behavior (drugs). But damn if that wasn't creepy.



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