25 Things That Would Be Different If Harry Potter Was Set In Canada. #18 Is Magical.

25 Things That Would Be Different If Harry Potter Was Set In Canada. #18 Is Magical.


Canada is a gorgeous country but definitely not the most exotic or magical setting for a novel. Usually the only people who write about Canada are Canadians. But with 9.98 million km2 of stereotypes it'd be a hilarious setting for The Boy Who Lived.

4. Harry’s Hogwarts letters would all have been lost by Canada Post.

5. Hagrid would tell Harry “Vous êtes un magicien, ‘Arry.”

6. Hedwig would be a Canada goose.

7. Hermione would attend the Yule Ball with Drake…

8. …Who would then write a rap after Hermione broke up with him.

9. Harry’s vault in Gringott’s would be filled with loonies and toonies.

10. Instead of hiding in the Forest of Dean, Harry, Ron, and Hermione would camp out in Algonquin Park.

11. The sorting hat would be a toque.

12. The Defence Against the Dark Arts class would feature a special unit on operating a wand while wearing mittens.

13. Instead of playing a life-sized game of chess, Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have to go curling.

14. The fifth book would be titled Harry Potter and the Order of the Beaver.

15. Stephen Harper would be the Minister of Magic.

16. Wizards would use magic to remove snow from the streets.

17. The Hogwarts Express would be a VIA train and it would take days to cross Canada to get to Hogwarts.

18. Platform 9 ¾ would constantly be under construction.

19. Luna Lovegood’s isolated house would be in the middle of Saskatchewan.

20. Harry wouldn’t have been able to collect Snape’s tears because they would have frozen first.

21. Tom Riddle’s diary would be written in both English and French.

22. Bertie Bott’s flavours would include All-Dressed, Ketchup, and Swiss Chalet Sauce.

23. Fleur Delacour and the other wizards from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic would be Quebecois.

24. Sirius Black would drive a flying dogsled.

25. Years after defeating Voldemort, when Harry takes his son Albus to catch the Hogwarts Express for the first time, platform 9 ¾ would still be under construction.


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