'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.

'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.


From trying to sell their beanie babies for a high price, to negotiating the price of fake diamonds, pawn shop employees share worthless items that people tried to sell them.

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1. Got ripped off for a fake gold necklace

Having worked at a pawn shop before, I can say there are plenty of amazing stories of customers and their antics. Usually the best stories revolve around jewelry. This one woman came in with a big gold-colored ring and wanted to get a few hundred dollars for it. Picking it up and looking at it I could tell it was super fake, and I tried to explain that to her. She wouldn’t buy it because “the street vendor told me it was solid 14kt.” I went and picked up our huge earth magnet and put it near the ring, and it shot right to it. I explained that solid gold is not magnetic.

She was stunned, and couldn’t believe that she had spent like $200 for it.


2. The wrong antique DVD player

The best one I had was a lady trying to pawn her grandma's antique DVD player.

She said it was like 50 years old and wanted $100.

I showed her the stamp on the back that said it was made in 2009. And she said oh I grabbed the wrong one.


3. A bag of wheat pennies aren't worth much

My dad runs one. One guy brought in a huge bag of wheat pennies expecting to walk out with a big pay day but really they aren't worth all that much. I think he offered the guy like $20 and he stormed off mad.


4. Beanie babies are worthless!

I own a similar store. People still think their beanie babies have value. People also tend to think what items sell for online are what they will sell for at the same price and speed locally.


5. The struggle is real

A lady had an xbox original that had been taken apart. The screws in it didn't even fit flush with the system and 2 were stripped. She claims that GameStop did it when they put in a $30 motherboard. I told her I couldn't take it and she said "I should just take this xbox and bash someone in the head with it! I hope you have to struggle so you know what its like to be me!" She said some other stuff about me having lots of money and having it easy because of my job. I just let her rant. I knew that she was a comment away from spitting in my face and I felt like if I had told her we would only offer $10, that might have set her over the edge.


6. The hate just became stronger

I worked in one for a few years. A girl came in already in tears holding an engagement ring. Everyone at a pawn shop feels obliged to tell you why they are selling/pawning and she told me she had recently moved across the country and had just found out that her fiancé had married her friend back home. The big problem was that I could tell it was a fake as she was walking in the door. All I could tell her was "if you thought he was a jerk before you came in here you're not going to like what I'm about to tell you." Ended up giving her $5 for a worthless ring just to give her something and she ended up a bit happier because she now had something new to hate him for and couldn't wait to tell him.


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