'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.

'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.


7. Fake gold from Italia

I was a Pawn Broker for a while. So many junkies trying to sell fake jewelry. But this one lady really stood out. She came in with a chain & pendant in a cute little box. First thing we do is look for marking, while I was doing that she started getting feisty, yelling at me saying "why are you doing that? Don't you see it says made in Italy!? Hey stop are you blind!?" At this point I'm like "okay lady, we can't take this. It's not real gold." and she just flips out saying it doesn't matter, it's from Italy and this and that. Called me stupid and flipped the finger at all the staff. All we did is laugh, but as she reved off she hit a BMW and the owner saw her. We turned over the security taping to the cops.


8. Plastic computer fans are not gold

I worked in a small pawn shop for about three years and my personal favorite was when a greasy guy came in and dumped out a garbage bag of broken computer fans and a few assorted computer parts. We laughed for a few minutes and realized this guy was serious. My boss asked him how much he wanted for it all and the guy said he didn't know how much it would be worth but he heard there was gold in computer parts. We had to break it to this guy that the plastic computer fans had no gold in them and we can check out the other parts. My boss gave him $5 for his trouble.


9. Real lion's mane!

I once had this old fellow try to sell me a tribal wooden African figure in a grass skirt. You know the type. When I told him it was worthless, he tried to convince me that the skirt was made out of real lions mane! When I inevitably shot him down and called his bluff, he pulled a BIC lighter out of his pocket. "Do you wanna buy this instead then?"


10. Cheapest guitar on the market

Worked in the pawn industry for over a decade, off and on. You see people bring in worthless stuff all day, wanting way too much for it. People don't understand depreciation, especially with electronics. On that note, I have had a person bring me what he thought was a 1962 Fender Strat. guitar. It wasn't, but that didn't stop him from flipping out, kicking merchandise, cussing us out. Now the owner didn't take anything from anyone. He tackled this dude, tied his hands with zip ties, and called the cops. Turns out it was a Fender Starcaster (cheapest guitar Fender makes) $99-120 brand new. 


11. World war II guns, 1800 antiques and medieval swords

I worked at a shop for twelve years. One of the most common scenarios is when a relative ignorantly thinks or flat out lies about something they hand down. Guns are one of the most common. "My great grandpa took this off of a Nazi in world war II." The rifle in question being a 1950s mosin with century arms import marks from the 1980s. Tons of "antique" silverware from the 1800s that was made in the 1960s that is nickel silver (worth nothing), and countless medieval swords that were made in china that they want 500 bucks for that you can buy in a catalog for 29.99.


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