'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.

'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.


21. Busted!!!

I worked at Sam Ash for a long while. You can sell instruments there, not exactly a pawn shop but the same concept.

Guy walks in with two VERY NICE obviously handmade boutique basses. One is left handed, one is right handed. Obviously a red flag that a novice wouldn't even think about.

"Hey I want to sell my basses?"

"Ok. Any particular reason?"

"I don't play them anymore."

"I see...Just couldn't decide if you were left or right handed?"

He wants $700 for both. Looking at them I figured they were $3-4k each. Problem was they didn't have a name, just a logo. Lots of googling later and we have a brand. Call the builder up and his warehouse was robbed weeks before. Police are called, guy arrested, and as fast as I know builder gets his basses back. I got a "I'd like to come down some time and buy you lunch as a thank you for your work" from the builder.

Still waiting on that lunch.


22. Close call for just a train

I have 2 that come to mind. First was a old lady that wanted $4 for some pizza. She had to offer a coffee mug from a local insurance company. I explained I was sorry but if she was hungry I'd give her a dollar to keep the mug and go get herself 2 hotdogs. She threatened to vomit in my face then proceeded to throw the mug into the wall above my head and stormed out. 

Second was just a few weeks ago. A 40-ish year old man pulls into my parking lot while I was out smoking and says he's got something great. He then pulls out a dollar general brand toy train from the front seat with a look of glee. I humor him and pull it up on ebay and show him that unfortunately it's only worth $3. He snatched it back and screamed I know trains are worth a lot of money and I don't know anything. I, as politely as possible, tell him to leave. I wasn't even open and I took time after hours to help as best I could. I come inside and sit to do my paperwork when I hear a loud engine running in the parking lot. I stand up and this guy got a chainsaw from his trunk and is coming up the steps. I grab a snub nose 6 shooter pistol air gun off the shelf. When he swung open the door I pulled the gun on him and said 1 more step and you're dead. He huffed and turned and went back to his car and left and I went and cleaned my shorts. If he called my bluff, I would have been chainsawed to pieces for a train. 


23. The fake gold jewelry

I used to work in one owned by my dad's cousin. Some lady walked in and we examined her jewelry which we determined was fake gold, so she walked away mad and I guess she threw it in the trashcan by the exit. Later that same day we see a man walk in that seems to just be looking around, and after a few minutes he goes to the counter and shares a story about how his grandmother passed away and left him some jewelry which was passed down through many generations, but that time were tough so he wanted to pawn the jewelry temporarily until he able to get some more money. So we tell him sure, we can take a look at it. Well he pulls out the exact same jewelry the lady had earlier that day. But not to anger him we test it with a magnet just to show him it isn't real gold. 

He then gets very angry saying that it is real gold and that it is 50k rare gold from the 1700s and thats why it is magnetic. For anyone who knows about gold, 1. Real gold isn't magnetic 2. The purest form of gold is 24k. We explain that to him and he gets mad and pulls out a knife and starts trying to break our bulletproof glass with a cheap looking knife, and breaks his knife. After that he just walks out and we never saw him again. While closing up we checked the trash can and the Jewelry the lady threw out was nowhere to be found. 


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