'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.

'How Much For This Bag Of Used Syringes?' The Most Worthless Items That People Actually Tried Selling To A Pawn Shop.


24. Trying to sell me my own bike?

I used to work in my dad's pawn shop as a teen, well one day my bike (a pretty expensive mountain bike) disappeared from the garage. The very next day a rather shady looking younger teen came in trying to sell us a bike. I took one look at it and knew it was my bike.

I told the dude that I had to show it to my dad in the back of the store for a second, and I wheeled it calmly into a back office, locked the door, and called the police.

Came back to the counter, he's sweating, eyes darting around the place, "So how much is the bike worth?"

"Oh, almost a thousand bucks."

His eyes almost bulged out of his skull, he basically started salivating.

"I'm so glad you found it." I smiled. He looked confused. "I had wondered where my bike had got to. Disappeared out of my garage yesterday."

He started stuttering excuses rapidly, saying that it's his bike, and not mine, "Prove it!"

So I did.

When the police arrived, I pointed to a label under the seat with my name, address and phone number on it. Needless to say, he legged it pretty quick but didn't make it very far.


25. Ebay isn't a reliable source for prices

I have so many stories I could go on forever. I already posted somewhere else before about how someone tried to sell me an iPhone with a gold vinyl wrap and expected me to believe he had an iPhone 5 made out of solid gold.

Usually a customer will come in, ask for a price and I will offer £150 for the item, what follows is a look of smugness from the customer who then proceeds to tell me that we are selling that item in the window for £300 so that's the price they want. Obviously there is a reason these guys do not own their own business with expectations like that but the lack of common sense astounds me.

Had a customer just the other day who had a bunch of those Skylander figures (kids love them and they sell fast) but someone brought in a box of 30, no problem. I offer a price for each one individually, maybe a couple of pounds for each one and for every item he had an ebay link for the item showing a listing of £10 or higher. Please do not use ebay to try and justify your valuation of items and then insult the staff when they explain why you may be incorrect.


26. This pawn shop store manager has seen it all!

I am a store manager at one of the busiest pawn shops in northern California. And because of that I have the high volume of customers that most don't so that means lots of stories.

1. A guy brought in a stone painted green claiming it was "ancient gold" and that after eons it had developed a patina. I tried to explain to him that all gold is ancient gold made in something as intense as dead star colliding but he insisted it was gold. After about 30 minutes of discussion he forced me to test it and when I showed him it wasn't gold he told me he spent 4k buying it off some guy.

2. A guy brought in a bag of used syringes and wanted to trade it for a TV. I did not oblige.

3. A guy brought in a piece of safety glass from a windshield and claimed it was a diamond even when I assured him it wasn't.

4. Someone brought in a clump of bent and slightly melted forks and spoons claiming it was a meteorite fallen from the is trash dump shot into space.

5. Someone brought in a costume cape claiming it was the real invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. With further questioning he didn't think it was a prop from the movie but the actual magical cape.

6. (As a watch guy this is my favorite): someone brought in a "Rolex" watch claiming their father gave it to them. When I showed her that it actually said "rolflex" and "skiss made" she claimed that those were misprints and meant it was worth more because of it. After I opened the watch to show her the movement I saw that there was no movement at all but just a weight in the back.

7. A couple came in with an old 1990 30" TV claiming that it was antique and refused to leave the store until we game them $800 for it. We showed them selling online for literally a couple of dollars but they refused and said they know what they had.



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