Love Struck People Share The Moment They Knew They Were In Love

Love Struck People Share The Moment They Knew They Were In Love


4. 'I Missed Her When I Wasn't With Her.'

A girl at work asked a bunch of us guys a question like this once. I think the exact question was, "when did you know you were going to marry your wife?"

My answer was, when I realized that my wife is the first woman I've dated that I actually missed when I wasn't with them, that was when I knew I wanted to be with her forever. And then, after about a year of that feeling not changing or going away, I asked her to marry me.

Another guy I work with said he saw his wife destroy the fattest loaded burger, down her Texas cheese fries, and then gulp down her beer before ordering another. That was his clue. I guess love comes to each of us differently.


5. When One's Needs Become More Important Than Your Own

When you start treating the other person like your "second-self." Their needs and wants are just as, if not more, important than your own.

I don't ever worry about getting into car accidents really, but when we're driving around I have this strange urge to make sure I'm being more-than-necessary careful.

If I'm having a great time at a party, I'll make sure to let him know I want to leave whenever he starts looking confused or moping around, even though he'd never ask us to leave himself because he's adorable like that.

We both use to be overweight and now we who watch our weight like hawks. If there's only one left, I'll drink the 300 calorie ginger beer so he can drink the diet one. (If you know what I'm like with calorie counting, that's like a huge sacrifice, okay?). I'll let him shower before the warm water runs out because he hates cold showers. I'll let him take the fluffier towel, too.

But then he makes me walk on the side of the road that isn't beside traffic when we're walking so I'm safer, and gives me the unbroken cookie, and gives me foot massages when I get period cramps, and showers me in cuddles and chocolate, so we're even.

I love him.


6. When The Rose Colored Glasses Come Off

When all the new wears off, you don't have butterflies every time they call or text or you know you're going to see them. 

You're not getting all giddy about "firsts" in your relationship, you're no longer both on your best behavior, you can see their faults and let them see yours.

 You've survived a few disagreements, you're not having sex every time you catch some alone time, and sex isn't mind blowing every single time.

 And after all that, they're still your favorite person. 

They still think the sun shines out of you. You still do things for each other, for the simple joy of making them happy. The absence of the rose colored glasses of new lust haven't been replaced with resentment, it has evolved into comfort, stability, and security with that person. 


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