People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.

People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.


13. Sleep-Talking

When he's about to fall asleep, he's completely honest. It was about 7 months in when he grabbed me and whispered into my ear, "You're going to be the mother of my children."

I told him, and he was thoroughly embarrassed and apologized. However, I neglected to tell him that pretty much every night he would tell me that he loved me starting a month in.

I don't mind. I'm not trying to rush things. Neither of us have any plans to jump into that sort of stuff right away, but it's still nice to know.


14. Baseball Tickets

She's hiding baseball tickets for when my favorite team comes into town. She is waiting to give them to me on my birthday.


15. Autistic

He has been hiding that he's autistic from me for ten years. (I should clarify, we're in a long running on-again, off-again thing between us, but even when it's off, we were still good friends). He suffered abusive therapy, and because of it, he thinks that hiding his autism is the most important thing. Except that's like trying to hide an elephant in a bathroom, and he's not always super high functioning. So, it's always a weird charade of me pretending that he's not autistic, while I'm busting my butt to gently handle it.

I have no idea how to talk to him about it. I know he has a formal diagnosis. He was so traumatized from institutional medical abuse, in the name of therapy, that even mentioning it or acknowledging it can cause him to have a meltdown. He thinks that if I knew, I wouldn't love him anymore. But I've known for YEARS, and I still love him. I like him just the way that he is. I just want things to be easier and less scary for him, and I don't know how to help most of the time because he won't admit the problem.


16. Study Abroad

She's been studying abroad for a year and is planning on coming home 5 days earlier to surprise me.


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