People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.

People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.


17. Lupus

Her lupus is getting worser and at a much quicker rate than what she had expected. She maybe has 10-15 years left before her kidneys, or lungs, or heart fail. Apparently, there's a ton of scar tissue forming already, even though she was diagnosed two weeks ago. She's gained about twenty pounds from water retention (for a slim, petite little thing that's almost a fifth of her weight) and her legs have swollen so much that she can't bend her knees, or walk without intense pain.

The worst part is, she's always smiling when I come to visit her and asks if I want to go hiking or play tennis (my favorites). All I do is tell her that I'm tired and that I'd like to read comic books with her, or put on Netflix (her favorites) and lay in bed.


18. Pearl Engagement Ring

I already know that he's bought me an engagement ring. It's a pearl one too- not a diamond, but he's just awful at hiding gifts. Not physically, but he just asks me a ton of questions about what I want, and then he plays it off like I could never figure out why. I also knew because he had left the mail out from Zales, and he suddenly had a Zales rewards card in his wallet. I figured out that it was a pearl because (a few weeks ago) he went out to dinner with me and one of my girlfriends, and she was talking about what engagement ring she wanted, and we went on about how neither of us wanted a diamond. He got very serious and asked me if I liked pearls and acted relieved when I said yes.


19. Compulsive Liar

Once while on a date with my ex, I complimented her necklace, which was a doll's eye on a chain. The doll's eyes 'blinked' when tilted (which was cool). She immediately said, "Oh thanks... I made it myself!" and talked about how she did it, but I had already seen the same necklace at a store that she shops at.

Also, she would sometimes say really beautiful things that were actually quotes from books. On one instance, I was reading a book about a year after we broke up and went, "Huh, I've heard that before."


20. Loses on Purpose

She purposefully loses Overwatch games from time to time so that we can keep playing competitive together.


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