People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.

People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.


21. Cancer

I'm actually the secret keeper. I got cancer a few years back. It wasn't great, but at least it wasn't at Stage 4 yet. I couldn't really deal with it, and my S/O's father was dying of cancer and alcoholism. I just didn't want to see him more afraid. He needed me to help him out during that hard time, and I didn't want to make it about me. I didn't tell him for two and a half months.

He had found out at the one month mark, but he was waiting for me to say something and I didn't. He showed up to my chemotherapy treatment one day like it was nothing and held my hand. We cried a bit, and he was pretty pissed off at me.


22. Firearms and Ammunition

My husband thinks that I don't know about the extra five grand he's been blowing on firearms and ammunition for the past 4 months. His son is really bad at keeping secrets from me, and I know everything.


23. Gold Digger

I know that she started dating me because my parents had a lot of money, and I was following down the path to also have a lot of money.

I saw her group chat with her mom, sisters, and aunt about what a good situation she's in, how she'll never have to work, and even if things go south, she just has to stick around until my parents aren't around anymore.

I'm only with her until I finish school because I don't want to be alone during this time in my life.


24. Second Choice

I've always been her second option.



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