People Share Suprisingly Simple Solutions To Problems That Actually Worked.

People Share Suprisingly Simple Solutions To Problems That Actually Worked.


16. Blame it on the month of February

One time I worked in a call center for a cell phone provider (vendor). It was like my 3rd day on the job and I still didn't understand the concept of prorates. Neither did most of my customers!

So one lady gets on the phone and is complaining because her bill has prorates. I knew the charges were accurate, but because I'm mathematically retarded, I was doing a poor job of explaining the prorates.

I noticed her bill was printed in February. I told the woman February has fewer days in it, so that's why the bill looked weird. She said "Oh. I get it. Thank you!" Boom, call over.

But now I do understand prorates so I won't have to worry about that again should the matter come up.


17. So much for verification

I wanted to get a seat on a plane with a friend who already booked. So I call into the airline and tell them I want so and so seat number. They say okay. I tell them how I'm traveling with a friend and just wanted to sit with them. Then they ask me for my friends name and address and passport number. I give them name and addy but I dont have her passport number, and she wasn't available to call or anything at the time. They ask me if she's there with me, I say no. Then they tell me that if they can't verify I am a friend of this person, I can't get assigned that seat. And that's the end of the call. So, I call back, get a different service agent and request the same seat without any of the background information. They say, done. And thats the end of the call.


18. How to fix a car dent

There was a small, but noticeable dent in the side of my car for several years. Some of my friends and I were playing basketball in a parking lot and a hard pass caused it. It was honestly no big deal.

Fast forward a few years. I'm chatting in the parking lot with a woman I work with. She spots the dent and says, "I can fix that right up." She goes back to her car and gets a plunger.

She plunged the dent right out of my car. Like it was never there.


19. A jump in grades

In the summer of 10th grade, my parents decided I needed to go live with my mom in a different city. So I moved and decided to try school online for what I assumed was my 11th grade year. I wasn't doing very well, so before the school year was almost over I went to an actual school. So at some point I had to sit down with my advisor and determine what classes I wanted to take for the next year. She kept referring to my next year as 11th grade. I was confused and thought she was too, so I reiterated that I would be senior next year. She tells me no, I am still in the 10th grade!!!?!?!? Anyways, I decided to move back in with my dad and go back to the school I was at in that town. I never mentioned to anyone that I apparently failed the tenth grade and should be in 11th for what should be my senior year. But I enrolled as a senior and graduated that year. I still have no idea what or how that even happened.


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